Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well, I really need to focus on school... So aside from Caitlin's
meet... I am not going! I reall need to get caught up. Having a lot on my plate does not excuse me from doing poorly in school... I am very ashamed of myself. So I need to put more effort into my life!!!

I needto remember to post the 10 steps to a happier life article! It alwaysgives me inspiration and hope! So does reading about the traits that self actualizing people have!

I wanted to tell you guys, I have always heard the dumb expression that we were born alone in the world... But that is not tue. We all had someone by our side, even if it was a brief moment... That person, our mother, lived us atleast enough to give us life! She was by our side the whole time while we were bein born. On days where I really feel alone, or foreveralone.jpg, I remember this. It does not make promises hat you won't be alone when you die but... Atleast you were never truly alone your whole life... Maybe I am too naive or optimistic but there it is!

So, my friend and I are going to star working out together and encouraging each other! I really love my friend Kevin so I am excited for both of us to get fit and healthy together!!!

I also like how I am writing this rather than doing Chem... Lol... I just don't get the homework...


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