Thursday, May 26, 2011 Review~

I bought a couple things from! I was REALLY pleased with how amazing the service was, and how well priced everything was. o_o Their selection is sort of small, but nothing short of extremely cute! I found them out through Ekimura's blog. ^^ I'm sure a good deal of us did.
SoyFashion also has a good amount of cosplay oriented goods, and some game merchandise!

Communication: 5/5
The SoyFashion let me know when the order was processed, shipped, and quickly updated me with my tracking number!

Accuracy of the Description: 5/5
The items are given a plethora of measurements, so you'll know if it'll fit or not. :3

Shipping Method: 5/5
Shipped the day after she got my order (because I ordered it late at night, after business hours). After she shipped, I literally got it THE NEXT DAY. o_o
I LOVE the fact that they use recycled packaging, and they are so worried about being more green!!! I really want to keep supporting them for this reason alone; luckily they are so awesome and I have a plethora or reasons as to why I want to support them.

Overall Experience: 5/5
I can't wait to order them again, their stuff is expanding, and they also have authentic BB cream items, and  are ever expanding. I am so excited about them, and the customer service is responsive and impressive. I would totally recommend ordering from them for EXTREMELY cheap prices, with very cute and girly things!

I got two rings, replicas of the ring from Cross Game, and a blouse! 

You can click all the pictures for a bigger view, but they don't open in a new window. ;A; So... XD;;

Four Leaf Clover Adjustable Ring - $8.00

The item is really adorable, I got two because my boyfriend and I wanted matching rings. He also loves Cross Game, so it worked out really well! Although he said the item turned his finger green, but I wear it overnight and stuff too, but I haven't had any problems at all. The item is REALLY cute, and I love that it's adjustable, and I love clovers! :3

White Lolita Blouse - $18.00

This blouse is probably my most favorite purchase! Although it says "lolita," I am not sure if it suits my sweet style, I think it could work in a more classic style, it's really cute. XD

It was well packaged. (:
It was a little big on me , but I think it's supposed to be that way.

Closeup of the lace. The lace is a mix of raschel and another type of really nice and thick lace. It print on the raschel is still really pretty, so I didn't mind it.
The fabric is listed as being chiffon, but it felt thicker than normal chiffon.
The blouse is pretty sheer though, even with a nude bra but it'll probably look amazing under a jsk, or with a long tunic tanktop.

The blouse cam attached with a cute tag/note too. (:

 They are AWESOME, and I honestly cannot wait to order from them again. Their items are so cute... and so reasonably priced. *w*!

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  1. Great review :3 I was thinking about ordering from them, but I was worried the shipping was going to be slow... thanks rurouni!