Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's been a while~

Hi everyone! How have you all been? Sorry for the lack of updates and lack of reviews, despite my promises... orz I promise I will get on it!

On May 14th, my boyfriend and I went to Dave and Busters with friends to celebrate my birthday, my friend Luke's and John's birthday. :D

Kevin is a secret agent. |D Just kidding, we were playing Time Crisis 4.

My friend Rose got me this cute shirt and cute pair of socks!!! XD She's so adorable! :3

Then from May 19th - 23rd, I went to Vegas with my best friend, Nick~ His sister, Danni was getting married. TT_TT She looked SOOO ridiculously beautiful, but I was lame and forgot to snag a picture of her gorgeousness.

The hotel I stayed at, Paris~

On the way home, we stopped by Dunkin' Donuts... it was my first time there!! It was... amazing. XD

When I got home, my present from my friend Tiffany~~ I was so happy, so now I can practice perfecting my eyelashes! I always see Ekimura, and Tsubasa recommending one of these... so I am excited to try it out!

Kevin also bought me this Liz Lisa hat!!! *w*!!! He spoils me wayy too much! It kinda got smooshed in transit... so I've been trying to fix it. XD;

I was a runner-up winner in SmileySquid/Julie Doll's blog giveaway!
She didn't have any of the Chocomint starclips left... so... she drew me a picture instead of my original character, Autumn... (still need to get started on that manga since I have very little time left of free summer time...) >_>

The goodies I got. :3

Isn't her rendition cute? ^^!!
I was so happy to get this package!! I feel like I should draw something back to thank her... ^^;;; but I haven't drawn in so long, so I would feel bad if it didn't turn out well. ]:

Anyways... Thanks so much Julie! ;A; <3

Till next time~


  1. I was thinking of getting one of those eyelash curlers as well

    I want those socks!! :x

  2. aaa... looking at the first picture reminds me of all the time & money i spent on their machines wahahah xD

    Vegas seems fun <3 & congrats for the win :3

  3. Happy late birthday! Your friends are so sweet! Haha, for a second, when I thought you went to Pairs because I saw the Eiffel Tower! XD

  4. Haha, it's waaay past your birthday... and you're still getting gifts. Jealous! XD Looks like you're having tons of fun and have a lot more to come... dang, haha. You cute people have all the awesome things in your life. <3