Friday, August 12, 2011

Reviews: Candy Doll Beige Highlighter, and Strawberry Pink Blush, Dolly Wink Nudy Glamorous, and Rainbow Crystal Eyeshadow Cream, and Missha Perfect Cover #23.

Are you ready?! 
It's finally here~~~ A big review!!

Also, please let me know what sort of information you think I should include to make this more helpful/informative!!

From Left to Right: Candy Doll Beige Highlighter, Candy Doll Strawberry Pink Blush, Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Cream #1, Nudy Glamorous and #2 Rainbow Crystal.

This was taken with only about TWO swipes from the packaging, and put on my arm.

The pink blush seems really light and pretty, but the color can build up to be intense with only one more swipe!

Candy Doll Beige Highlighter

Packaging: 5/5, so cute, I love it!
Color: 2/5. It may be because I'm not tan enough for this, so it doesn't work for me. :/
Subtle/Natural?: 5/5
Staying/Lasting Power: N/A Because I can barely see it on me.
Easy to Use?: 5/5
Impressions/Thoughts: I think because I am sort of pale, it doesn't show up on me well, so it is hard for me to give a proper and fair review for this... D: But then again, I am not sure how subtle highlighters are supposed to be! I feel like it's very noticeable on Tsubasa.

I feel like it is very obvious on her nose.... DX

Candy Doll Strawberry Pink Blush

Packaging: 5/5 Just darling.
Color: 5.5
Subtle/Natural?: 3.5/5
Staying/Lasting Power: 5/5
Easy to Use?: 2/5
Impressions/Thoughts: I don't think this is easy to use if you're a beginner because it's easy to put TOO much. The pigmentation is ridiculously amazing, and the color shows up vividly, and it makes you look really dolly. It's natural looking if you use one swipe, but if you use more than that, it can become overpowering, fast. You pretty much have to put it on PERFECTLY the first time.

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Cream Nudy Glamorous

Packaging: 5/5 I love it, okay? XD
Color: 5/5
Subtle/Natural?: 5/5
Staying/Lasting Power: 5/5
Easy to Use?: 5/5
Impressions/Thoughts: This one is very nice, it really lives up to it's name! It is subtle, but looks amazing. I like to use it and put it into the corner of my eyes. (: Perfect for everyday wear, I think. ^^

You can always check this page for my scans and instructions on how to apply these!

Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Cream #2 Rainbow Crystal

Packaging: 5/5
Color: 3/5
Subtle/Natural?: 4/5
Staying/Lasting Power: 5/5
Easy to Use?: 5/5
Impressions/Thoughts: This is really gorgeous, but a lot of people thought that it would be closer to a white cream that would go on sort of like eyeliner? But it's actually very pretty, but very sparse so to get the look that Tsubasa had in her ad, you would have to put on  A TON of it. It's very pretty though, subtle, glam rock-ish, and girly! Great for adding a little more to your look!

Light swatches of the highlighter and blush.

Light swatches of the eyeshadow creams.

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23

Packaging: 3/5 I don't really think it's that cute, and I actually think the nozzle gives out too much
Coverage: 5/5
Subtle/Natural?: 5/5
Lasting Power: 5/5
Greasiness: 4/5
Easy to Use?: 5/5
Overall Impressions/Comments: I like this one a lot. It's pretty much perfect for my skin tone, because the Nanoce one I had only came in one color, so hopefully I can get pale enough to going back to it. Using this alone, doesn't break me out, so it's very nice! However, when I use primer with it, it breaks me out. T___T However, this goes on really easily and smoothly. Even when I use a brush, I don't get the streaky lines or anything!
I am not sure about the whitening and healing effects though, since I don't wear makeup too often. My face is currently darker than my arms, lol, so I'll get back to you on that! One coat covers almost everything! I use a second layer sort of like concealer and it works pretty well. (:

Con: It's ridiculously greasy and really thick. It makes my face feel like it's so crazily oily after a few hours, even with a lot of powder!

Before Use

After Use

Do you see a difference? I do in person! It makes me look really... perfectly even! However, the camera might not have captured it that well. Maybe next time I will try to take more photos?
It also covers up the redness from my pimples. :D
Although I think iy may be good that you don't see a difference because it means it is so natural and looks like it suits me. :D

(I'm always such an awkward picture taker... sigh... DX...)

My Face of the Day (FotD).

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23
Nanoce BB Powder
Candy Doll Strawberry Pink Blush
Candy Doll Beige Highlighter

Dolly Wink Black Liquid Eyeliner, Rainbow Crystal, #1 Lashes, and Long Mascara.
Chanel Eyeliner in Brown
Princess Mimi Lenses in Sesame Grey

Chanel Seashell Lipgloss


Ginger pork bento served with chicken and vegetable rice and miso soup!! The rice was yummy, but the ginger pork was too salty and gingery, imo. >__<


  1. I used that same shade of Missha for a while, too. I loved the coverage, but it was too oily for me, so it would melt off my skin after a couple of hours, even after I set it with some powder. :(

  2. YES I'M FINALLY BACKKKKKK!!! <333 OMG I totally forgot to comment on this ;o; I read it yesterday and forgot, gomeeeeennnnnn ;__;

    I'm so glad they don't sell Candy Doll on Sasa because it would be a LOT cheaper than Mitsuwa, and I'd go broke so fast on all the lovely products >www< Okay, maybe I'll just start putting money aside every MONTH so I can buy ONE each month... I really need to start budgeting, cute products are so easy to sell to me ;___;

    I have a question about the highlighter~ it's a powder, right? Does it ever like, get "clumpy" on top of your base makeup? If that makes sense? ^^; Or is it a smooth texture so it just glides on your skin? I've had trouble with this Smashbox highlighter since it's like a creamy texture, so it streaks and looks weird with setting powder @__@ Hmmm looking at her nose... I wish Tsu-chan would release some cute bronzers! <3

    Ohhh I hate that with blush where it just turns you into a clown with like, one swipe LOL I've been using blush for a few years now I think, and I still have that problem >3< BUT I do think it's better to be highly pigmented than have to layer it on your face! Saves more product for the future too yay :D

    I had no idea those were CREAM shadows!! They look so pretty and pigmented... I always completely overlooked them because they seemed so pricey for just one little eyeshadow compared to a blush or palette, you know what I mean? ^^; But I'm rather itching to get my hands on the gold shadow now...! I actually prefer an eye with just a pretty shimmer color and eyeliner~ but I lost my favorite CoverGirl eyeshadow years ago and I think it was discontinued ;___; Actually the silver looks closer to it, I'd like to try that too! <3

    I'm actually not really a fan of that particular bb cream! :O I think on me it felt too dark (lol, FELT dark) and heavy, but at the same time didn't cover as well? How does that work? XD I know tons of people raved about it, so I'm sad that it didn't work as nicely for me. :/ There was this gold one I got a sample of and I LOVEDDDDD it, but stupidly I threw it away and forgot what bb cream it was *cries*

    May I also say how CUTE you are! *pinches cheeks* I want your lenses!!! <333

    The food looks gooooood! Too bad about the pork, that's supposed to be the best part!! D: Ooooh yummy ocha drink! I want some! :D

    Ohhh Kumikki has the brown ones?? I want to try those too now LOL! I bet they'd look super cute on you too :33 Have you tried the Almonds?? I super want those too but I'm torn between those and the rest of the series @__@

    PLAY CATHERINE!!!! It's insanely fun and the story is SO addicting! I played couple more hours tonight and unlocked another ending *does happy dance* I got my sisters into wanting to play it too, I might just go out and buy the XBox 360 version so they can play.... as much as I hate Xbox loll

  3. Omg look at all those blushes and shadows!!! I've always wanted to try candy doll blushes but they're so hard to come by here! I think you did a great job with the review! Im so envious you can use bbcream, for some reason it doesn't loook too flattering on me so I stick with my TM, though I wanted to use bbcream, if Im in Asian I'll pick up a whole bunch to try since they're so much more affordable there!

  4. omg i love how sparkly they are.

  5. Thanks for the review!
    I'm glad that you reviewed the candy doll blush. I like how it's really pigmented. I want to get one now!

  6. awee I should buy myself these candy doll e/s! >.< thanks for the review. I waaaant it badly now!hehe

  7. Noooooo my wallet is gonna kill me if I go on a Candy Doll spree, which I am certainly tempted to do so now LMAOO Clumping and powders just, not sitting well on my face are definitely a problem for me, so that's really reassuring :D Do I want to fork over that much money for the highlighter though? nghhhh....!

    GAHHH you're realllly making me want Candy Doll more and more! I'm getting really into collecting blushes recently too, so I should probably hold back until I need a new blush XD
    OH I should tell you, a while back when Tsu-chan released her Bunny Days CD the limited editions came with a mini Candy Doll lipgloss!! :OOO I totally forgot to look it up online or check Kinokuniya (doubt they'd have it anyway...) I really want it though!! Have you heard anything about it?? D:

    I really regret buying Sasa stuff now, I should've saved it for a Candy Doll spree WAHAHA!!

    Ohhhh maybe that's it! I'm not sure which one it was, because I got that bb cream sample set from the Missha US website, but I'm not sure which tone it came in?? Right now I'm using the Skin79 Oriental bb cream which is definitely LIGHT *too light* but it covers really nicely. I got a new powder that's darker so everything matches well anyway XD;

    OHH you're wearing the Apple Greens?? But it says Sesame Grey?? :O I actually love the look of the Apple Greens on gals with darker eye color because it makes that lovely deep forest green effect <33

    Do they really show up that dark? D: Huhhh maybe I won't bother with them, they'd probably just give a slightly larger Max Pure Brown effect anyway loll I'll just stick to Chocolate or Sesame Grey :DD

    BUY IT!!!!!! OMG I'm still obsessed with this game even though I haven't played in like 3 or 4 days I still talk about it lawlz I bet you and your boyfriend will love it ^^ I couldn't stop playing because I wanted to know what would happen next, but sadly I had to because I had work the next day haha. I just need 2 more endings~~~ gaahhh pshhh I really really dislike Xbox with it's gritty slow graphics =__= WHY didn't my mommy buy a PS3? Then again I wouldn't be able to play my Shenmue II game so I guess it was worth it LOL