Thursday, January 31, 2013

51. Short Post.

Really late but...

Happy New Year everyone! 明けましておめでとうございます!

I hope everyone had a safe new year! I spent it with my coworkers since my boyfriend was in Japan... ;_;

Date day~

When he came back, we went on a date though! I am wearing the bag and skirt from my Liz Lisa fukubukuro though! The top, and hair pin are also Liz Lisa. Tights are F21, and the boots are DreamV I believe~

I will definitely post my Liz Lisa fukubukuro contents as soon as I can!!! 
I really want to share them with you guys!

I am still blonde...
(Not that you didn't realize that from my last picture)...

So I am currently contemplating if my hair should be pink or brown again... perhaps brown since it will be less of a hassle to keep recoloring it. However, I would really like a color to sakura creamy. ><

Tsu chan modelling Sakura Creamy.

I also now have another job at a manufacturing company, work at Coco Ichibanya, and attempt to sell cosmetics... haha... I am so busy so sorry for my lack of updates.

I also realize that a lot of my older images do not work anymore, so I will try to make some time next weekend to fix them, and be back with more reviews!

Can you believe this post was so short?

Thanks for looking and see you again soon,



  1. Always so lovely ^^
    So glad to see you're doing well :)
    I always love seeing new posts from you! >w<

  2. You look like a doll! Maybe you could dye your hair pink and then when it fades, dye it brown.

  3. Love the coordinate as usual. I like the Sakura Creamy color - I think it could look really nice with your features.

  4. Hi!
    I've tagged you for the Leibster Award!
    If you want to participate, please go here to get the rules! <3