Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ekimura, Vegas, Nail Polish, Lolita Gets, HAIR DYE, and etc! @_@

Okay, so I have a TON going on in this post... XD;

Got my hair done (check bottom THIS blog entry!) at:
Stephanie's Salon

I went to Round One recently...
Guess who I ran into?!?!?! EKIMURA from ekiblog.com! Well, who doesn't know her? She looks exaclty as she does in her blog... o_o

Is it possible for someone to be so cute? She was also so sweet and gave me tons of advice and compliments!
She called me gyaru! XD Uwaaahhh, what a compliment! I've never considered myself gal before, but I love the style!

Eki and I! She also gave me a ton of advice about hair products and we chatted about her blog!

She also won another cute one, and a Hello Kitty plush for a kid and his grandma. She's really so sweet!!! <3 ILY, Waifu! <3
Sara (LOOK AT THE OTHER PLUSH SHE WON!), Kevin, and Lizzie!
Eki also called Sara gyaru even though she was wearing lolita, but I think it's because Sara's make is so obviously gyaru~

Kara, Sara with the huge Korilakkuma plushie she won me and Yvonne!! <3

Stiffany, Devin and Kevin (my lover!)

Kara, and Yvonne!!

I'm so sad that I didn't get a picture of Will, Shane, Ben, Arnold, Ashley, Kitsy, and Charlotte... D:
I am awful at taking pictures... hopefully Ashley will post the purikira so I can show you guys!! They were so cute!

So I went to Vegas recently!

The view from our suite! *w*

Ate a a restaurant in the stipmall, but the service was awful...

Look for the day~

Stuff I bought at ABC! These were from the brand Island Girl, I had never seen it until I walked in here!
Apparently ABC stores are very common in Hawaii and are affectionately called "All Blocks Covered" acording to my boyfriend. XD
It was only $2.99 for these cute colors, and it was buy 2 get 1 free! I also got cuticle oil, it smells soooo pretty! It is the "Spring Bouquet" scent! I love it!

I read a review saying the polish is horrible, but it's not that bad. Mine lasted for a week but then started chipping off in huge blocks. XD Also, lol the mint is the same color as my towel!

I finally got the bunny ears headband! I really want it in white though, and I got the DDH barrette in black to match my salopette! Finally, the set is complete! XD

I wanted to dye my hair like Kumicky's (girl in the middle) hair color!! I am in love with it (and her). XD

I got my hair done professionally at a salon!

Stephanie's Salon

It ended up turning out like this color, I love it, I think it suits me! However, I don't think it looks like Kummicky's at all! Thoughts? Compared to the image above, which was my natural hair color (not with the blonde highlights in my bangs though, obviously). XD

The colorists said that my hair turned out this pretty brown because my hair was already a bourbon color. ^^

I feel like for my eye make, I can never get my eyes to look HUGE like most gyaru do! I think it may be from my lack of bottom lashes too? But my eyes look soooo weird with them, maybe I should try Baby Cute or Pure Little? Because Real Nude looks awful on me. >_> /sigh.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoy the plush! :3 I will try to get you something every time we go. I enjoy doing UFO catchers so it's not like it's a wasted endeavor. The experience alone makes me happy. (Except that plush I lost last minute. I was le butthurt.)

    Oh Christine, you so purdy. I'm also really happy you were able to meet Eki. :3 I'm sorry I didn't catch on as fast but I was really confused and flustered because you were all OMG and I was like....Am I supposed to omg? OMG...yeah. OMG D:

    <3<3 Im so happy for you though.

    You're amazing, you look amazing, please to forever amazing.

  2. ahh I can't believe you ran into Eki! What are the chances!
    man Sara's so good at winning at those things!

    I don't think the hair color looks like Kumicky's color either, but yess I think it suits you really well too!
    You're looking cute as always!

  3. I think that last pic is worth the cover of a magazine. <3 Your hair's so shiny smooth! And it flows like... PERFECTLY. o_o I think your hair looks fine now, could be cuter if it were a lighter shade of brown... but too light if it matched Kumicky's exactly, imo!

    Congrats on meeting Ekimura-san and being called a gyaru, haha! Sounds like your hang out event was SUPER fun. X3 Sorry again I couldn't make it! I keep apologizing for it... SORRY! D:

  4. You look lovely! What dye did you use to get that lovely brown?

  5. sorry i couldn't make it, i hope you guys had an amazing time

  6. I love the hat you're wearing in the photo with Eki. :) (It's Gretchen from Facebook by the way.)

  7. Hi Hun!! sorry for the late reply!! >_<;; just got settled in after coming home from cali trip lol X3 it was really nice meeting you!! You are such a sweetheart! I wish we could of hanged out~ next time Im in Irvine again I will let you know!!<3<3 stay sweet and kawaii ^__^

  8. I have that Island Girl cuticle oil! :D I got it from my ex's sister-in-law from Guam :3 She gave me a lip gloss that's packaged the same way too! :D