Friday, July 15, 2011

Anime Expo Recap~ [Pic Heavy]!

Hi everyone! Remember Korilakkuma?

My wifey Sara won it for me, with the help of Kevin's wallet... of course. XD

Day 0
The line was horrible! The line for pre-reg was not even under the shade, even though it was last year.

Kevin and I decided to stop in the mall at Little Tokyo to see if we could get cosplay items for him last minute but alas... no avail.

I ended up buying a few small gifts for my waifu though~ I can't wait to see her.

Kevin and I ate at Hanaichimonme in Little Tokyo! It was so amazing. I loved the pickled vegetables! Also, rather than water, they had barley tea, which is amazing for a hot day! :3

We weren't hungry because it was so HOT that day. |||orz But this curry gave us both a crazy appetite! It's one of the BEST curries I have ever had in my life!

A chocolate parfait to finish off the meal~ It was really, really good. I want to come back just for the parfaits!

Day 1

My outfit for the day. It was a pretty boring day, from what I remember. XD

Look at the life bar on that Deadpool!! It was a fantastic cosplay with a fantastic prop!

My favorite/the best Meltdown Rin R.K. remix cosplay ever!

Everyone on the first day! (Except Luke and Lee were missing.... DX)
Tiffany, Beautiful Mark, Mark's Little Brother (forgot his name, lol sorry...), Ernie, Kevin (Kenshin cosplay), and Shane!

Day 2

Menga and her group, they did Higurashi no Naku no Koro ni cosplays!

Ernie trying to taste Kevin's brain?

CharlotteCharms and her amazingly well dressed group of Goth friends.

Chloe, The-Sushi-Monster, dressed as Cop Stocking, photobombing... What a jerk! :P Just kidding.
Can you guess who is supposed to be behind her? orz

Behind Chloe was Tuxedo Mask (Max)! :O

Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask (Manzi and Max)! We would later to get know them better at a party we were invited too. ^^

The BEST event of all of AX was the Hatsune Miku concert!!! I wasn't supposed to take a snap... but I did, she's the little green blob. Our seats were kinda far away, but they had awesome projector screens.
We got tickets thanks to Chelsea!!
I totally owe her something big for a late birthday present... so late... lol.

Day 3

Chloe, Luke, me and Kevin~
Ohhh myyy ggggooosssh, I love my hair color with Puppet Circus. XD

No. This Gray Fullbuster cosplayer is not photoshopped... o//w//o

An amazing Ganondorf cosplayer, this cosplay only needs more Ganon-kicks. *tear* (Stupid Lee!)

Stupid Lee! Photo-bombing all day as Modern Kenshin... only the Babydoll coplayer got it.. even though we made it up that day, lol.

Manzi in her Monster Hunter cosplay!!! Look at dem hips! She's so hot. *w*

Day 4

We really didn't go... we were all so tired and everyone had 4th of July plans. ;A;

Corona must be kinda rich to have a 15 minute fireworks show!! o__o The finale was ridiculous!

Whew~ Until next time everyone!