Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Things I bought recently, and a Review on the Detclear Peeling Gel (Strawberry).

There are tons of pictures! XD (Same as always...)
You have been warned... o_o

The sunflower Kevin and I planted a few months ago has grown so big, and has a flower now!!! ^^ Isn't it adorable?

I now work at Sanukiseimen Mugimaru!

Please come visit me at work if you ever have time! The food is really cheap, and really good!! We make our udon noodles fresh, everyday! :3

It is inside of the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa~

Sanukiseimen Mugimaru
665 Paularino Ave
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

The curry udon at work, it's very delicious. (:

I really like the curry rice too, (lol more curry)... it's very flavorful, and has a lot of vegetables in it! ^^ I love things with lotus in it!

The green tea I have with lunch everyday... XD But my work doesn't sell tea, lol. We only have water. ;A;

It's really... flavorful and not too bitter! However, my friend told me it does get more bitter the longer you have it open? I don't know why, but that might explain why the last sip is always so bitter. XD

Since it is mostly cash only, sometimes if I forget to bring money, I buy stuff from Mitsuwa...
So I purchased lunch at St. Honore one day. I had a coroquette sandwich, a chocolote cornet, green tea, and a cream puff! I really like the cream cornets, and curry donuts at this place too... XD

I went to Tokyo Lifestyle~

They had a nice selection of face masks, Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, and fake lashes! Also, they had some Japanese candies and drinks. :3

I bought a bunch of masks as small gifts for family, but I saved the white rose one for myself.
It smelt really nice, and I think I'll try the strawberry yogurt next time when I go to buy more. (:

I used this eye thing, but I'm not sure if it worked. Kevin said that it made my bags slightly less dark... but I didn't really see it. :X Maybe I have to use it every day, or more than once? It was only $1, so maybe I will buy and bunch and see?

Last time I used the ones from PinkyParadise, they tried out the skin around my eyes and made it look more yellow...

I bought this peeling gel, and I have been using it for like 2 weeks now, so I will do a review on it!

I got this free sample with the peeling gel I bought! :3

A present I got my mom for her birthday. ^^

It was very pretty, and pretty well priced, I think. :D

I bought the special edition DollyWink lashes at Mitsuwa!

The stuff you get, and sorry about the last picture, I forgot to fix it, lol.

So, Kevin's cousin, Shane now is the manager of a restaurant called Pho Mai.

Please visit him if you ever get a chance! The food is really good and the interior is actually gorgeous! Not like your typical Vietnamese place at all!

Pho Mai
271 S. Mountain Ave.
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 920 - 4005

The spring rolls they have here are really delicious!! The milk tea was also stunningly delicious!

This is one of the few places that has both Bun Bo Hue and Bun Rieu!!! My two favorite Vietnamese dishes! :3

DetClear Bright and Peel Fruits Peeling Jelly Review
The bottle says that it is supposed to help peel off dead skin, lighten your skin by getting rid of melanin, and helps removes black heads.

My Japanese is not proficient at all... so I looked online for directions.

1. Clean off your face with a gentle cleanser (I use a soybean milk cleanser that I got from Mitsuwa).
2. Dry your face and hands.
3. Use 2 - 3 pumps to cover your face, rub in circles gently and the dead skin should come off!

Only use it 1 - 2 times a week, and moisturize after you are done!
I think that because it's supposed to be very harsh, you should use suncreen, or a lotion with sunscreen in it for a few days after too!

The gel turns into a jello like substance after you rub it on your skin almost immediately. The dead skin looks like feta cheese on your face when you're done!

What it looks like on your hands.


Cleaning Abilities: 3/5
It may be because because I have very stubborn blackheads but it didn't seem to do much for them and for my clogged pores, even though I have used it 4 times already. I guess we'll see in a few months?

Whitening Abilities: N/A
I can't really tell if I have gotten paler or not, it'll probably take a few months before I can see it, but I also wear BB cream that is supposed to whiten as well, so we'll see.

Scent: 5/5
Smells wonderful!! I really love it!

Results After Using It: 4/5
It smells really good, isn't oily, sticky, or greasy. It leaves my skin feeling really smooth, clean, and soft! Even if it didn't work for what I hoped it will, I still love this product! Hopefully I can update/fix this post in a few months. (:


  1. Thanks for the review of the product! I'm using Cure Aqua Gel's at the moment and that seems to serve me well enough. However, it also doesn't really seem to get rid of blackheads. I guess we will need something more to get rid of those stubborn blackheads :)
    That Juicy Couture bracelet is gorgeous, btw!

  2. Wow, you work at that udon place now? Chances of our meeting are even higher now x]

  3. That gel looks like it worked wonders!! I've always wanted to try them since I sometimes think exfoliating your skin is a bit damaging, especially if you're using a rough exfoliater! The sunflower looks so pretty, how sweet of you and your bf to have planted it together!