Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Reviews: Candy Doll Macaron Pink Lip Gloss, Lip Concealer and MoistLabo BB Cream + Hanging out with Kathleen~

Candy Doll Macaron Pink Gloss

Candy Doll Lip Concealer

Swatches from left to right:
Candy Doll Macaron Pink Gloss

Candy Doll Lip Concealer

Natural lips without products~

Lips with the concealer.

Candy Doll Lip Concealer

Packaging: 5/5, simple and effective!
Coverage: 4/5. It is great, goes on easily, but if you have dry lips, it really emphasizes it, and really  sits in your cracks...
Subtle/Natural?: 3/5 It's a lip concealer.
Staying/Lasting Power: 4/5, stays on for hours at a time and but I wouldn't recommend eating or drinking anything with this on really, because it does rub off, but it evens itself out well if you rub your lips together again... hence the 4!
Easy to Use?: 5/5 As long as you hydrate your lips, and scrub before... it's just like using lip gloss!
Impressions/Thoughts: It depends on your skin tone, but I think if you're tan enough, you could get away with using this as a nude lipstick-like replacement! It's really pretty. :D

Candy Doll Macaron Pink Gloss
Packaging: 5/5, same as before.
Color: 5/5. It is so pretttttyyyyyyy!!!
Subtle/Natural?: 2/5 Not at all, but I think that is the point of such a pretty color! It really doesn't look like the packaging, which is good, because it's surprisingly really dark looking compared to the ad.
Staying/Lasting Power: 3.75/5. It is GREAT as a normal gloss and stuff, but it does come off a bit easily, and you do have to adjust it a few times throughout the day so that it can still keep the nice color. But if you want a more tone down color, then you can just apply on one coat, and you're good! :D
Easy to Use?: 5/5~ Just lip gloss!
Impressions/Thoughts: I love this color! It's my go-to-color for a day where I really want to look cute and dolly! I want the Milky Tea color too!! I just want this whole collection~

Note: The new version of the gloss (which I have) doesn't require lip concealer because it already has some built in! :3

MoistoLabo BB Essence Cream in Shade 01

Swatch. It's fairly light, good for people who are between fair and light skin tones I think... so probably good for most Asian girls? :D

Without makeup. You can see my sun spots and my skin is a little bit red and irritated from whatever. XD;

After! You can still sort of see my sunspots... DX

MoistoLabo BB Essence Cream 
Packaging: N/A
Coverage: 3/5. It's not bad, really.
Subtle/Natural?: 5/5
Lasting Power: 2.5/5
Greasiness: 1/5 It's like your day moisturizer!
Easy to Use?: 3/5
Overall Impressions/Comments:  
This seriously feels like putting on lotion. It is amazing! The texture is really light and really workable. However, because it is so light, and viscous... it's watery and can get streaky easily. However, I say it is workable because when I patted off the extra BB cream with a tissue, my skin looked even and great! All the streaks were gone... but it does feel like a waste of BB cream. Perhaps it's easier to use it with a sponge? The coverage isn't bad, it does even out skin, and feels really nice, but because it's not thick, it won't get everything. You either need really nice skin already, or you just need some more concealer! After a few hours, it did get clumpy near my nose despite being powdered. ]: It was just a sample pack, I think I would get a small tube of this again if I could find it though... it seems like it's really malleable and has a lot of potential.

This is Kathleen~

She's really a doll!! Look at her amazing hair, it's all real!! I love her Milky Planet coord!

Me in Moitie's Church Gate. Isn't Kathleen an amazing photographer? My skin looks all nice and pale here... XD

Land hoooo~
I actually love Gothic Lolita. I want to start collecting it soon... including this dress! I just borrowed a good amount of the Gothic stuff from Charlotte Charms, who is known for being a gorgeous Gothic Lolita.

Things I Ate

I don't know why... but I really like to share the things I eat with you guys... probably in hopes that you'll come visit me at the Costa Mesa Mitsuwa and try them too!

The Katsudon at Don Don Tei!
It's actually amazing. The meat is soft, the egg is really juicy, and really makes this dish so pleasing! The sauce that is drizzled over the rice really is complimented with the green onions!

The Yamamoto sweetened matcha green tea we have at work is really popular with both the staff and customers!

Thanks for reading~


  1. Christine, y u maek me jelly with all the awesome stuff you have?! I'M ALWAYS MIRIN. Especially your clear skin and long shiny hair!

  2. Hi! You look very very cute in those lovely clothes! :) I personally like the right side one, the beige lip gloss!♪ I blog about current secrets of Japanese beauty you may get interested in, so plz check it out! ;) ThanX!

  3. Thanks for the review , Christine. I wanted to try those lipglosses.

  4. :D ooooh awesome review and thank you! I think I will get the Milk Tea lip gloss ;3 Thankies for the review~ And you look gorgeous as always! YOU'RE HOGGIN ALL THE PRETTAY! ily pretty gal<3

  5. You're SO cute and lovely ! I like gyaru fashion and also lolita :) and that pink gloss is amazing ! Are you on poupeegirl by the way ? I'd like us to follow each other, many kisses !!!

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  6. Just stumbled across your blog! Love the Candydoll on you! You're so cute!