Thursday, August 25, 2011

Food Post, Hanging Out, Outfit Snap(s), and Cute Get~


The "Lady's Bento" at Mitsuwa... XD What a funny name~

The food and arrangement is so pretty, but I think there is too much food ... especially for a lady. But it has a nice assortment!

From left to right: the ham and cucumber, potato salad, tuna, and egg salad.
The sandwich box at St. Honore. It was really tasty, and I actually didn't mind the ham and cucumber sandwich despite disliking both ingredients... XD I would have it again. (: The potato salad was my favorite!

Pudding... I didn't know how to make this shot nicer. XD

The Tekka Don at Don Don Tei! Doesn't it look amazing? It was, I love ground tuna, and the tuna slices were really nice too! Putting a little bit of soysauce and mixing it all up is really great!! I want to try the Negitoro Don next time too!

The Tekka Don next to the amazing sweetened matcha green tea that we sell... try it!

I went to Honda-Ya with Miss Charlotte Charms~ I had the brown tea there... it tasted sort of like rice? It was good though. I would have it again. :D

I had crab dumplings, and this caterpillar roll. Charlotte had the unagi bowl, and cucumber rolls (blegghhh cucumber) [not pictured].

Her and I shared gyoza and this melon soda with ice cream for dessert. XD

The Oyako Don at Don Don Tei! It was really amazing. Perfect amount of meat, egg, and sauce. :D The meat was so soft and really juicy!! So well cooked. :3


Immature Stuff

Read it? XD;

Weird packaging... DX

What an unfortunate plate...

I bought the latest edition of the Happie Nuts magazine... I feel like the magazine is not my style. But I think it is so tasteful and mature sexy!

I only bought it for this though... XD

I love stars... and this was a star bag. XD


I saw this at Sephora, and I totally wanted to buy it! ^^ It's supposed to help dark spots from underneath the skin! So it actually gets rid of it, not just hides it until products run out. And it's supposed to help dark circles too... so wow!! It's on my list. (:
The cashier at Sephora agreed that it wasn't early if I wanted to make my Christmas wish list. ;D I already started thinking of things I want to buy for people though!! I can't wait! <3

Kevin and I went out for a date... I love him! <3 This is what I wore.
Close up. :3

Charlotte in a more gyaru style! I helped her coordinate the outfit... XD Doesn't she look cute in my stuff? And small?! She's seriously a tiny girl. Crazy girl.

The outfit I wore to match Charlotte's outfit, sort of. XD I loved this coord. I wore it with my thigh high socks, and heels that I borrowed from Charlotte. I also borrowed her Alice and the Pirates silver cross rosary... it looked amazing with the outfit!

Thanks for looking!!!

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Candy Doll Reviews
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  1. The brown tea is called barley tea in case you ever want to get it at the market or elsewhere.

    Hnnnnnngh Momoko why you so flawless....she makes me wanna wear mode.

  2. I don't know why but I'm especially drawn to that melon soda. Looks so good!
    hehe that license plate! poor person
    You look so cute! I like that black blouse/top

  3. You went to Honda-Ya? I go there a lot with Japanese Club! (But usually we have such a huge group that service sometimes can be a bit slow.) :(

    I used to the same thing with Nakayoshi mooks, I'd buy them because the free stuff in them were so cute and cool. Even though I could never read the text for the comics. >.<

    Going to eat a meal at Mitsuwa is on my semester have-to-do list since I've never eaten at any of the Mitsuwa restaurants ever. :(

  4. Look at all the food porn!!!! nom nom nom!!! You're so adorable! Where did you and your boyfie go? =D Dates are the best! Omg wth?! Fried rice wrapped with clear warp?! So weird hahahaa though I do know a place that wraps their sticky rice with that too...Thanks for the advice on where you purchase your candy doll stuff! I might be heading back to asian in February and trying to hold back until then! (prob not going to happen though hahaha)

  5. Definitely loving the food porn. I looove melon soda, but never tried it with ice cream. Totally want! You girls look so freakin' adorable in your outfits :D I like how simple / natural your make up looks (if you are wearing any!)

  6. You mean... Mitsuwa actually sells EDIBLE BENTO?! :O I swore off their bento years ago after eating some old tamago and just, untasty foodstuffs ;o; Maybe it's just the Mitsuwa near me though, but I can't take another chance on their bento. They don't even look as pretty as yours!! ;O;

    This is REALLY bad... I've been doing nothing but EATING ALL DAY... and CRAVING FOOD ALL DAY.... this post is NOT HELPING LOL!! OMG purin <3333 I have such a soft spot for purin.... it's so magical and wonderful, I LOVE it! SUPER embarrassing story (but I crack up everytime I tell it or just thinking about it!)
    I had a 4 pack of purin and was laying on the bed eating them (yeah I lay down when i eat, I'm awful!). I look down and notice I have 1 left and start freaking out to my boyfriend. Here's the sad part.

    "WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL MY PURIN?? I ONLY ATE 3!" *facepalm* .... *giggles* I'm so stupid sometimes that it's actually funny. :D ....although it probably shouldn't be.... teehee!!

    I think I need to take the boyfriend out for sushi tomorrow, giiiiiirl I need a dragon roll right about now! <3

    BAHAHAHAAA I LOVE those ridiculous Engrish signs!! Do they not proof-read them before they post them up? Or maybe they do, and are too lazy to change it or leave it up for laughs hahaha

    That bag is kickass! SO CUTE! I always get suckered into buying magazines for freebies like that; or at least, it makes me feel it's okay to spend up to $18 for a magazine! Sure they're SUPER amazing, but it's still so pricey compared to normal Japan price you know? Damn you markups!! ;__;

    You and your friend are SO cute! How tall are you?? Your friend doesn't look that small either, but maybe it's the picture angle? I need to borrow you as my stylist. I LOVE the coordinates!! *___*

    You seriously know how to sell me Candy Doll! I've already found myself constantly look for them online, I'm so tempted now! But I need to save money for gmarket.... no~ ;___;

    I HOPE KINOKUNIYA CARRIES IT!!! I have no time to hit up mine, and I have a weird thing against phones so I refuse to call them and ask loll

    I think I'm gonna give Missha another chance when I run out of Oriental bb cream~ (i kinda don't like this bb cream! LOL) so I should try for No. 23 right?? That's the one I have! I think it's MUCH closer to my skin tone than other bb creams, and I can just buy it in store yay :)

    I LOVE the way the Apple Greens look on you! I actually wish they could show up darker on me! Wanna switch eyeballs? XDD
    Mehhhhh I'm gonna skip out on Almonds altogether.. that's really super disappointing!! :( Oh well, Chocolates for me~ but I think I wanna track down the original lenses.. 15mm is too big on me lol

    Ohhhh okay! Maybe that's it... I think I'm just still stuck on 10 years ago playing XBox and hating it that I rarely give 360 a chance. XD PS3 >>>>>> XBOX360, but I think I'm going to buy Catherine when the price drops anyway!

    Awwww thank youuuuuu! *huggles* NOOOO come to Santa Clara!!! HAHA maybe that's a bit far though? Either way I need to hit up San Francisco! I have a friend living in SF who could tell us where to eat anyways :DD We just got 2 people from work transferred out of our store and only got 1 new person, so I might be taking up more hours ;__; the problem is I'm usually working short midday-nighttime shifts so there's really no time to do anything besides sit at home :((( Right now it's nice, I have 3 days off from work BOO-YAHHHHH!

  7. Oh I'm sorry, I meant the pre-teen/girls comic magazine books (mooks) by the company Nakayoshi. ^^; I used to love getting them because Haruka Fukushima's series would run in them and they always did cute things for her series like Cherry Juice, Orange Planet, and AAA.

    Thanks for the suggestion - I'll look into doing more fashion snaps once my camera gets back into my hands. That isn't the only thing I'm delayed in posting. (I owe someone a picture of a drawing I did with them in it last semester as she was traveling overseas and never got to see it in person.)

    That sounds like fun - what time were you thinking of going to the mall and movies? I'd definitely like to come but I'm currently tied up from 8 AM-2:15 PM. But if it was after, then maybe. What movie were you thinking about seeing?

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  9. man, your food looks delicious >_<, I wish I could eat those delicious food everyday
    May I ask where I can I buy that bunny ear hair band on your friend's hair >_<? it's super cute!!