Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NEWS! I'm sort of a model + FOTD and OOTD.

Big news!

I got accepted as a model for Shibuya Closet's online store!! They are based in Costa Mesa, and I work basically across the parking lot from them, haha!

Please check out Shibuya Closet
They specialize in importing cute gyaru clothing to the U.S. and have a store front in Costa Mesa as well!

Okay... I'm so sorry I have been so bad about blogging... I've been working so much lately, and moving so there isn't much time to do anything lately...
Not to mention I will be working 6 days straight... and so I'll be stuck at work for about 10 hours a day... yippeee........... (._.#)....

I bought a ton of stuff lately, so I'll post that much in my next post... and a review. ^^;;;

Totally out of season.. but whatever! <3
Hair accessories:
Usamimis: from http://mintymix.com/
Headband: Beberose, I think.
Glasses: Dazzlin'
OP: Liz Lisa
Frilly shorts that you can't see: Dazzlin'
Boots: I forgot, but I bought it at

You can see the reflection of my arms in my glasses, lololol.
Dolly Wink No. 1
WonderEye Brown lenses in 15 mm
Nanoce BB cream and BB powder.
Chanel Seashell Gloss

Someone also told me that I was "trying to hard to be Asian" in this picture. Like really, I am still finding it ridiculously funny today! I thought that was hilarious since gyaru usually get told that they are trying to hard to be white. But then again, I'm not gyaru, nor claiming to be one, but I am inspired by the fashion and love it! <3

My new favorite purchase! It smells like Starbursts~~~
The color looks amazing on me, I think, hehe! A few of the guys at work noticed how pinker/redder my lips were... totally sexual harrassment! Haha, just kidding! :3

My other half at Mitsuwa.
His name is Chris.
I'm Tine.

GET IT?!?! GET IT?! (I know, I'm so lame).

My coworker/friend Tania called him Christine by accident the other day... 8D He was okay with it, I'm okay with being called 'Chris' btw!

Sorry for such an uneventful post... I'll post a lot more about all the new people in my life because of my job, and introduce all of my friends, and show you my new purchases and reviews soon! 


  1. OMG You're modeling for them too?! ME TOOO! MAYBE I GET TO SEE YOU!

  2. Again, congratulations Christine!

  3. OMG so jealous and happy for you :D

    but srsly wtf? that person needs to stfu becoz that's bullshit -.-

  4. You're welcome Christine. I had no idea that my camera made my t-shirt and sneakers look orange. >.< How it turned dark red into orange is beyond me?