Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snapshot of My Current Life....?

First of all... I changed my hair color...


A black blue...!

What do you guys think? I used the Gatsby dye... although after a few weeks, it's already washing out drastically.

So, remember how I told you guys I was going to do the modelling thing?

Because of that, I got to meet Emy from Hello, Emy! She's really adorable, and really well put together in real life! As expected from a gorgeous blogger!!! I was really excited to meet her and talk to her for a bit, even though we were both pretty sick at the time. XD

She's too gorgeous and photogenic. >:!!

So... also, my boyfriend and I broke up a while's been that long since I've updated, haha!
But we're still really good friends though! (: We actually hang out often, and we're planning to cosplay together!

We want to do Just Be Friends, the Megurine Luka song! I'm Luka, obviously, and he's her impending ex. xD

Here's the song if you're curious! It's probably my most favorite song ever.

Some other cosplays I want to do are:
Rock from Black Rock Shooter, the manga.

And Rin Tosaka from Fate/Stay Night~

Over the past few months, I went to Blizzcon and PMX!

I'll definitely try to make a post about them... even though it's been so late. XD

Oh yeah... they call me Queen in the secret cow level. <3

:3 I'm the Lich King... forget the fact that I don't have the helm~

There was a swag party, okay?!
Me, Kevin H, and Kevin D~

Lizzie and I!!! <3 i love her!!!! LOVE!!! Photo thanks to Zekie from!

Lizzie, Claudia, and me~
Thanks to Claudia from KawaiiGoods for the picture.
Also, don't forget to check Claudia's blog!

For the most part... I've been busy lately... hanging out with friends and working. D:

Kelly "photobombing" me... okay, so it was a bit planned.
I've made great friends with Kelly, and Tiffany from HimeStyle! And as you guys saw in another post, Chris~~ My other half. ^^
HimeStyle~... Update your blog already! <3

And now that I'm 21....

Lizzie and me~
I've been drinking a lot more... ahaha... XD

On a completely different note...
I've started to develop an addiction to Kamen Rider and Super Sentai...

I can totally do the Kamen Rider Fourze henshin pose~~~
Although my coworker, Kazunori and I have henshin time all the time... XD It really brightens up my day, lol.

I went to the KAMEN RIDER VS SUPER SENTAI Anniversaries Tribute Exhibition!

Ehh... I'll actually try to have better updates, and more reviews since I just bought the Candy Brown, Aqua Puffy 3 Tone, and Adult Violet lenses! ... I still have other lenses and things to review... XD


  1. Okay, I read your entire post and I swear I'll comment on everything, but first.... OMFG YOU WENT TO BLIZZCON?!?!?!! How did you get tickets??? My boyfriend SO badly wanted to go, but at least his coworker was lucky enough to go and bring him back a signed poster :)) You're SOOOOO lucky!! I'm not sure if I should tell my bf or not, he'll probably just get sad XD

    And whaoooooo you meet so many amazing bloggers, I'm so jelly!! :(

    I'll be back with my long ass comments soon! I'm glad your back, and hope you're doing well!! <33

  2. Lets play soon before I go off to Boston :'(

    I miss you you're sooo cute!


  3. like all the cute picture with all those beautiful lady:-p

  4. Awww I love it!

    I dyed my hair dark tooo ahhaa!

    I need to see you soon cutie pie ♥