Monday, December 26, 2011

PMX Video, Canada Trip and an Old/Late Post.

As always... I'm such a bad/slow updater!!!

Canadian Money is so colorful~~

- Wednesday, Nov. 30th -

When I landed in Vancouver, BC, Canada ... my friend Mika took me to H Mart (a Korean supermarket) for some coffee and illegal stuff...

Kinder Surprises are banned in the US because children choke on the toys apparently, lol...

- Thursday, Dec. 01 -
So on the second day I was in Canada, I went to class with Mika.

This was my gracious host, Mika~

For a snack in the morning... we had chips... like typical college students.

We don't have this flavor in the states!

Then for the first time, I had Tim Horton's! I had the Fruit Explosion Muffin, a Honey Cruller, and a French Vanilla Coffee! It was all under $4 CAD! Which was pretty awesome.

Since it was Mika's birthday, we went to a place he wanted to go to~ Sukiyaki~~

They decided to order 60 plates of meat... o_o There were only 4 of us... D: I mean look at Amy next to the stacks of meat!

It was alright, the place we went to was called Posh. It wasn't bad... mediocre and really awful service but the company was just great!

The udon was really awful though... But I am a bit of an udon snob. XD I basically bullied Mika into eating it, and he decided it would be a good idea to eat it like a chocolate bar...

He said it was just an awful experience... I believe him. It wasn't great when it was cooked, so I imagine it was worse when it wasn't.

- Friday, Dec. 02 -

- Saturday, Dec. 03 -

- Sunday, Dec. 04 -

- Monday, Dec. 05 -
The last day...

For my friend, Nicole's birthday party, we went to Garlic Joes.
You can check out their Yelp page here!

Garlic bread~~
It was really yummy!

I had the spaghetti alfredo with mushrooms! It was to die for!!

This place is definitely recommended~ It has an interesting atmosphere coupled with a really delicious and well priced menu!

Afterwards, the group went to karaoke and then we went to Nicole's favorite bakery for cake and tea!
Visit Bonjour's Yelp Page Here~

Their cakes were really soft, perfectly flavored, airy, and balanced. The tea I had was also really wonderfully scented and tasted like heaven!!

It looks like I was in a video for a Chinese news channel! I'm the girl in the black outfit with the bunny ears... XD


  1. Kinder Surprise! They just seem so mysterious to me since they're banned.
    Did you get to try ketchup lays while you were there? It's another flavor that we don't have here apparently.
    cake & tea! <3

  2. Wow! Looks like you had some amazing looking pastries and snacks aside from the depressing udon experience.

  3. I would love to visit Canada one day! There are so many pictures of food...I'm super hungry now D:

    I AM SUPER ENVIOUS of the beard papa's stuff *__* My friends and I have been wanting to go there forever.

    On a sad note, that udon is so..UGH. I'm picky about udon too, and this just breaks my heart!

  4. Aww thank you Christine! And fingers crossed that the jacket actually comes out as close to perfect as possible since it wasn't cheap and that it arrives without too much delay!

  5. Awww looks like you had so much fun! Can I see you soon please?! :(