Sunday, February 19, 2012

A lot of Food, Small ALA Recap, Round One, and Etc. As always, picture heavy~!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts...! Now that I have a full time job and school full time... it's hard to find free time. I would ideally love to do more reviews but I will have to try harder to do that. XD;;


See? ;//3//; (Also that other person next to me is my new boyfriend Tama chan wwwww)
We were at Round One recently with all of out Mitsuwa friends!

Stuff I bought/got recently~~

Tsubasa's Bunny Days CD!! Comes with the limited edition lip gloss~~!

School has started so... time for a bunch of new pencils, pens, erasers, and a cute pencil case for it! Lately I have had a chocolate addiction~~~

Magazine I bought for the Liz Lisa make bag... XD

It's small, but so cute~!

Something my boyfrriend brought for me as a gift. (:

A figurine of my husbando, Gilgamesh... King of Heroes.

From my friend Danny~~~!! Now I need the whole set! ;w;

Mameshiba!!! ^^ Got this from Tama chan, my boyfriend, for Christmas!

XD wwww

Gloomy from Chiiiiiii channn~~

From my Jelly Bean (Kelly of for Valentines day~ <3

:D A cute phone charm I got! ^^

Valentine's Day present from a friend~

Tama chan made me honmei choco for Valentines day... I was really impressed and a bit embarassed. >//w//<;;;

ALA 2012~~!!

Judy and I~ She's always so amazingly well dressed!

Castor and Alicia (! Their first time in gothic!! Don't they look absolutely stunning?

Mr. Mistry! Known for having dat ass, haha.

My new bros~

Aw yeah.

Yuuki is a hot hot hot mama~~~ <3 Hahaha. She's all ready for you~~!
Something I won't explain.

After ALA, we went to Round One!

I stink at Technika~

The Mitsuwa gang.

Went to some Chinese place called Phoenix with exceptionally awful customer service.

So I work at Misasa in the food court at Mitsuwa in Irvine, lol... I sure did do something completely different from when I worked at Mugimaru... XD

Almost everyday, our head chef Yuki san makes amazing specials~~!! Which he lets me eat sometimes. *//Q//*

:D The katsu curry~~~ So tasty!!!

Pistachio ice cream! ^^

Daikon radish in vinegar~ It's a kobachi (side dish)...! So yummy, but also artfully done! It looks like a water lily, right? :3

Haagen Daz ice cream with Yuki san's home made bitter caramel sauce! It was to die for....!

Mackerel on top of rice, seaweed salad, and garnished with ginger! It's my second favorite special at Misasa! I really love Yuki san's food!!! He is a genius!

Jorge, coworker, and kitchen head, bought some Pizza for everyone!!

Been trying to eat a lot of salad lately. (:

Yuki san's amazing jalapeno and pumpkin soup...!!!

Mabo styled beef with fried eggplant topped with shredded onion and negi... was so good! ^^

Non-Misasa food~

I slept over at Tiffany of (they finally moved their blogs and updated! *tear*) house and she made pasta and cupcakes! The funfetti cupcakes were made with a hand made strawberry and cream cheese frosting and on the inside was whipped cream and strawberry chunks... it was heaven in my mouth. I ate 4 of them, lol.

Bacon burger with bleu cheese at Red Robin~~ The burger with the egg is more amazing though.. but still! 5/5!

Sooki soba at Habuya, which is an Okinawan food place~ Really amazing!!! The broth is the most perfect broth I have ever had, and it's really comforting. (:

Bitter melon at Habuya. I guess it is a specialty of Okinawa? (: It's really tasty though!!

Strawberries and Cream Dounut at Cafe Dulce!! I love this place, and this donut was just perfect~ :3

Fried chicken curry at CocoIchiban~~ <3 Yummy! ^^ This is a hangout place that a lot of my friends and I are starting to go to. Too bad it closes at 10PM though. >: We all usually don't get off work till 830~10ish.

Roll cake from Hamadaya inside Mitsuwa~ Tasty! ^^

At work, we have also been growing a cute plant!

It's just a carrot but every time we put it outside in the sun... it grows bigger and bigger and gets a lot more green! ^^

Sadly though... I am right now 121.4 lbs. >_<;;; It's no wonder with all the food I have been eating but generally I also diet/work out poorly... it's time to hit the weights...! OATZ N' SQUATZ!

Lol... my pasta for breakfast~

I really have to work harder...

For exercise Kelly, Tiffy and I have been adding in some para para... lol. :3

Aww yeah, get ready for the Night of Fire~~ :P

My goal for my birthday is to get down to 105lbs the healthy way, and to be able to do the splits! ^^

Kelly and I made a workout schedule and we decided we really needed to cut out bad habits and so we're working on it together and encouraging each other! <3 Here's to hoping that we can keep it up!

My car also hit 200k+ miles... time for an oil change... 8D

Sorry for the long post~~ Will post again! <3


  1. The food looks ah-mazing by the way. And I envy you for having a sweet boyfriend who made you chocolate – I have no boyfriend who does that for me yet but I exchanged candy with a good friend who tutors me in Art History classes.

    Random thing about working out, I dance one of the dances from Troop Beverly Hills called The Freddie for cardio. ^_^

  2. dat first rilakkuma is so cute!
    home made choco for valentine's day mMmMmm!

  3. Awww hello dear ~ looks like you're having lots of adventures :D