Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recent Things, TAGGED, and a Blog Award!

1. Link back to the person who passed you the award

Anna (I'm So Jelly)

Thank you so much Anna! You're one of my biggest inspirations! You are gorgeous, always eating yummy food, and you're so sweet and always helpful! Despite being crazily busy, you always take the time to answer my questions, comment on my blog, and I'm so happy!!


Thank you so much Anna, I'm so happy to receive this!

(P.S. please open your chocolate store online so I can buy all of it!)

2. Share 7 random things about yourself

一) Some day, I hope to visit Japan! I better learn more Japanese! ^^;
二) I am Vietnamese~
三) I love animals, but not having them as pets... I can barely take care of myself, much less another life! D: That would be too irresponsible!
四) Being a mangaka was my dream at one point... lol. I still write/draw manga... but not as often or as much as I would like to. My skills have dulled, for sure.
五) Tsubasa, and Kumicky are my favorite models!
六) When I played World of Warcraft, I used to play for 60 hours or more a week (but can you believe I had a 4.0?)...
七) Creme brulees are some of my most favorite foods. 85 Degrees Celcius, and my friend Megan makes the BEST ones I have ever had in my LIFE!

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Now... time for the LIPSTICK TAG!

I was tagged by Katie
You're going to get the most boring, and saddest survey ever from this girl!

(1) When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?

Of course... but my brother had a habit of eating them... so she kept them away from us! o_o;;;

(2) How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?

21, can you believe it? I just bought it last week, but I gave it to my sister... lol.


I bought from Mac's VIVAGLAM Line... 

It is a fund raising event run by Lady Gaga, and it's such an amazing cause. All of the proceeds goes to an AIDS fund. The price is only about $16 with tax, so it is an amazing deal and you're doing something amazing. (:

(3) Pink or red lipstick?

I think pink is much more cute!

(4) The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?

The MAC one... XD;;;

(5) And the cheapest?

The MAC one is the only one I have ever bought, lol. ]:

(6) What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?

Encourage my brother to eat it? XD;

(7) If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why? 

N/A! If anything, I look to other blogs, gal magazines, and girls for advice! Haha... |||orz

Some other things I did recently~

I bought some Takoyaki and  strawberryKitKat from Mitsuwa. :3

The Juuroku (16) tea was not my favorite... the blend was too.. off for my taste. The jasmine was too overpowering in the blend. XD The KitKats were awesome though!

What Kevin got~

This custard pudding was amazing, they had it for the anniversary sale.

At the mall, I got a headband, tights, and a jump rope! :3 Also, my boyfriend and I got a free gift from the Clarin's booth in Nordstroms when we were picking up something for his mom... XD

I was thinking about those tights for a while...

Clearance for $3.50, heck yes! 
Stupidly, I bought them in the wrong size.

I love this headband!

My free gift~ It even comes with a "Skin Time Discovery Treatment," probably just to show me what products they think would suit me, and using it on me. XD But it came with a lot of samples! Kevin, his mom, and I all got something suited to our needs. owo

~ Until Next Time ~


  1. YOU CHANGED YOUR LAYOUT!! It looks really cute, I like it!

    Congrats on the award!! You really deserve it! :D OMG WoW... I hear so many stories of that game, I try to stay away since I have to work LOL!

    AWWW THANK YOU HUN!!! I'm honored to be awarded this by you :D Thank you!! <3

    HAHAHA at your brother!! You know what's pretty hilarious and sad at the same time though? My boyfriend did the same thing to one of my lipsticks... just because it smells delicious you can't eat it! Stupid boyfriend! XD
    Oh! I had no idea her line was for charity! I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga, but I have to admit, those lippies are gorgeous. If it's for charity, I'm a little tempted, I've never bought anything from MAC before because the prices always scare me away @___@

    I wanted to buy kitkat treats from Mitsuwa for my giveaway LOL! I have yet to try them, but I've been wanting to for YEARS... I have no idea why I haven't yet. *scratches head*
    BTW Does your Mitsuwa carry a drink called Kirin milk tea?? My Mitsuwa stopped carrying it a long time ago and my boyfriend's always so bummed about it. :(
    OH OH OH have you tried the Melon Soda?? I LOOOOVE that!! I don't drink soda ever, but Asian sodas are the best XD

    I want to try the custard!! Looks yummy.. <33

    Great buys! I want a jump rope too!! Good for losing weight I hear, and maybe all the jiggling will push me to keep jump roping heehee

    I LOVE getting free samples :D Even if I use it all though a lot of the time I don't actually go back and buy the normal size LOL

  2. Hi, I'm a new follower :)
    Congrats on the reward and I think that bow headband is so cute. :D

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    Let's talk soon! <3

  3. Congrats on your reward!! :)

    New FOLLOWER~ :D


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