Monday, May 20, 2013

52. Liz Lisa Lucky Pack 2013


5 1/2 months after actually getting my fukubukuro.... ^^;;;

Tama chan ended up getting me the Sweet Ribbon Set~
The trunk one was sold out... >: But it was my fault... 

He had really good luck so my pack was amazing. I was too late to grab stock photos... but I only have myself to blame~

Sorry in advance for the awful photos.

Huge Tote~

Purse! It is my favorite, and everyday bag. :3

Cute cardigan with lace and rose buttons. :3

Skirt! You can see my coordinate with this skirt HERE.

Cute and soft pull over sweater.

Makeup pouch that everyone got.
Peacoat. I wish I could find a stock picture of this because it is really cute!

And lol... this shirt...

If I find stock/worn photos, I will post them! I am definitely going to get a fukubukuro, and stuff again~ It was fun!

See you next time,



  1. The sweater with the brown collar and the plaid studded shirt are my favorites. Looks like you got a great pack!

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