Wednesday, December 26, 2012

50. Modelling for Baby the Stars Shine Bright and small lolita post.

Hi everyone, 

It has been a while, hasn't it? Sorry for the lack of updates... My laptop has died and it is really hard to blog without a laptop and it is hard because I am unable to upload photos in mass quantities... Currently bumming off Tama chan's laptop while he is in Japan. 

Enough with the excuses! 

So PMX (Pacific Media Expo) had a modelling application for Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's fashion show!.. Which was back in November... orz


I didn't think they would pick me at all because last year I applied for a fashion show and was shut down~ Anyways, I was very glad to have been able to participate!!

I also apologize for not having enough pictures of the others that were there...

A few days before the show, I got my nails done! 

I was fretting about getting into the show once I got in because a week before the show the gorgeous men of Moonstream were announced to be models in the show... I was very shocked. Two people had to be displaced... but I got lucky and they kept me in the show anyways!

Jyaan jyaaannn~!! Isn't this outfit beautiful?!
Photo is from Erskine!

It was very expensive... You can see a break down of some of the items here...
Also, there are other pieces from the fashion show listed there too!

Photo is from my friend, Scott W.

At the show, I made a new friend~ めちゃ可愛いでしょ~

I think I had the most outrageously beautiful dress!! It was also the same dress that lolita legend Misako Aoki wore in a different fashion show!

I felt very lucky to be in the show, and was super excited... a little bit sad that my skin was so dry and flakey... which rarely happens on my face... but it all ended well!

It was my first runway experience, and I had a lot of fun!! I was really nervous, but my friend Ashley, who really helped me out a ton!! She was the first one to go on, and was the most gorgeous Alice!! 

Masumi Kano and I!

She is so small, quiet, but very sweet! Not to mention ridiculously talented...
She was so kind to me! She also complimented me, not only by picking me for the show, but when I asked her if it was alright if it was me, she said that my face suited it! Ahhh, I almost died 5 times, I think!

I also went to A Secret Winter Party a few weeks ago,
It was organized by Oli and Fairytale Boutique

Stole this picture from my other half, Chris, of Lovely Kuno
You can't really tell, but my hair is a coppery pink... 
Sadly the pink fades out in only a few washes...

I do wash my hair with really cold water, despite being winter... but it still comes off easily! Do you guys have any idea of how I can retain the color longer?

Anyways, my friends and I ended up showing up pretty late so we didn't get to see and chat with very many girls... however I did see Angela, Ashley M, and a Judy... but I forgot to take pictures... fail...

Angela, and I~
Photo from Zekie Cho

Aaaaaa... I totally neglected getting a decent full body snap of my coordinate... it was actually different for once!!!

I also bought lovely cat ears from the event but I will post them all when I get a new laptop or figure something out... 

My friend Gretchen of Stop and Stare also drew this gorgeous picture of me for International Lolita Day!!!
Thank you very much again; I love it!!

This year I got a lucky pack from Liz Lisa from Tama chan~

I got the sweet ribbon set because the trunk was already sold out when I realized it... I can't wait to get it soon!  Too bad because the trunk is so adorable and I really needed a suitcase... so maybe next year!

You can still order from here, and there is also a sale going on! 

Have a safe and happy new year! 

See you again next year,


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  1. you were the perfect model! so awesome :D i only wish i was there in person to see ya!