Sunday, October 21, 2012

49. Updates, Hair... Instagram, Gets, and Food.

Hey everyone,

How are you? I'm happy to say I am losing some weight! I started at 124.6lbs and am at 116.6lbs, 115.0lbs 114.0lbs~ I'm 5'5 for reference! (: So, I'm pretty happy... but I would like to lose more, and I dooo need to start lifting though!

My DollyWink/Candy Doll/Tsubasa Collection
I love Masuwaka Tsubasa and her stuff!!! <3>

I got the Candy Doll powder from Tiffy~~~ But I don't use it because it's been too hot to wear foundation lately. But it's the end of October and it's finally getting cool...


Changed my hair from brown to blonde!! But the blonde is only temporary until I can change it to pink brown~! I do not look good as a blonde, lol.

Upcoming: Instagram, haul and food post...

Instagram Goodness
Follow me @solaaozora if you'd like!

New cell phone cover and case!!! (:

Perfect weather for snow ice~~ Had it with Tiffy~

Best time of the year!!! You can get a lot of pumpkin goodies!

Finally got my own Duffy!!! I literally looked through ALL of the ones in the Downtown Disney store THREE times before I decided. We had jsut left World of Color, so none of the other stores were open~~ But his face is cute, right? (:

Rilakkuma related goodies!! I bought/got  a ton, lol. (: (My friends really like to add on to my addictions...)

"Moshi moshi? Fabulous desu."

Yuki's phone upclose~~~~ PRETTY CUTE DECO PHONE IF YOU ASK ME!

Stuff that I bought/got from others:

Let me just say... the upcoming review for this is gonna be... well... disappointing maybe?

Milky Bow Clip from Chocomint that I bought at Fairytale Boutique.

More Rilakkuma goodies!The charm on the right is so cute!!! I got it from Lizzie~~

Rilakkuma Sweets cover sticker, pencil, and an eraser, and Chocolate and Coffee folder. :3 I got this at Tamaya!

Ribbon, and scrunchie from Daiso~ The cups are also from Daiso! The bunny one is for Tiffy~~ and for our new home! We're moving in together shortly!


Sashimi shaped to look like roses by Yuki san~

Tonkotsu ramen from Yamadaya! My favorite ramen place!
Spicy miso ramen from Santouka. Smelt like top ramen... but tasted good. (:

Lunch at Coco Ichibanya... which is where I work now. D: Not sure that I enjoy curry the same way anymore, if at all.

Presents from Yuki san's son, Yuuki~

Henri Charpentier creme cookies!

Was looking for a late night pasta place and found Sweet Basil! It's open until 2 AM because it's also a hookah bar. :D The pasta sauce was a little watery for my liking but customer service was great, the ambiance was great, and the food was pretty good overall!


Quan Hop was recommended to me by Tiffy so I went there to try it one day! Their bun rieu was actually fantastic! Loved their spring roll (bottom right corner), and the plating was very nice! The decor was lovely too. (:

That's all for now! 
Thank you very much for reading.
See you guys again soon!


  1. Yay you posted! Glad to hear that you're feeling great about your weight. I have never seen anyone with pink brown hair so I definitely hope to see a picture of it sometime in the future.

  2. Woah... you have a nice Candy Doll collection! And all that ramen... looks omg.... so yummy!!!

  3. It’s actually a cool pic.Thanks for sharing.I am extremely happy to seen it and wanna a copy of this toys such as this anime. I just ordered mine at PIJ, it is so cool!

  4. Ah! Your blog posts are always so awesome with pics! Especially food! I kinda like the blonde hair...but the recent sneak peak on FB looks better :D

    I WANNA BE WITH YOU!!! Why so far ;___; ily~ I need to hit up your Daiso!