Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun Stuff/Haul Post.

Doesn't it always feel like my posts are just about things I bought? I feel like it is! (: But personally, I like to live vicariously through other people's purchases... ||||orz

(Photoshopped to make my eyes bigger and my skin look smoother though, lol.)

Taken by the lovlely Tiffany of Himestyle~ (Her instagram is @hotpinktiffie)

I did my hair in "bear ear" style~ I saw the tutorial on and knew I needed to try it!!

Finally also been losing some weight! I'm down to 118.8lbs ish from 124.6lbs? Which is alright progress, considering how I haven't been really working out, and it's been a few months! I really want to start lifting, so I can burn more fat! (: 

What are your favorite things to do/eat when you are trying to lose weight? I find cardio so mundane, and where I live now, there isn't enough room to practice dancing. 

I've also contemplated blogging in Japanese a little too (with translation of course) to practice more.... since the best way to keep learning and remember kanji better is to use it more often! (: 


Ap Ring~ From Nick~ (Edited on Instagram~)

 From Chris

From Lizzie~ She gave me an AP giftcard for my birthday so I ended up buying this~ Super adorable! Right? <3


 My Chess Chocolate set is pretty much perfect now!! <3

Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes in Brown~

Deluxe Edition Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Mobirate~ I also got one for the boyfriend. (:

Korilakkuma and Rilakkuma keychains that light up. (: (Edited on Instagram

Stuff from The Face Shop. :D Trying to lighten my arms. >_<;

New BB Cream and Anti-Wrinkle cream. >:
It's that time in my life to probably get started on protecting my face and what's left of my youth lol.

Free gifts~

I went crazy and bought a lot of face masks... D:

Got a Dolly Wink chocolate eyebrow pencil...

It's actually a little too dark. I didn't know that you should buy a pencil that is about two shades lighter than your hair. D:
Also, got some lashes from my mom, makeup remover, and a birthday gift from Sephora~

I finally got a Disney pass! The ears are from Chris and I bought a Mini Duffy~ <3 Is' he cute?!


I love Okinawan food!!! Seriously~

Negi ponzu takoyaki~

Celestial Seasonings Kombucha...
This was awful. Please don't drink it.Kelly and I were trying not to die as we gulped these down. D:


Tamagotogi and sansai udon~

Boba with purin because we're Asian. |:

Zaru sansai soba...

Tea~ from Genki Living.

BBQ ribs from Genki Living~ It was alright. (:

Omiyage from Masaya san when we went to Japan. :3

Went to Umami Burger with Tama chan. ^^

Strawberry parfait from Gaja~

Candy from Daiso, lol....

Did you see the new Spiderman yet? I didn't... my friend says it is a mix between Batman and Twilight... not sure if want. >_>
I am also excited to see the new Batman when I have time!

I now officially have a hobo Disney pass!!! Let's go to Disney together... after block out days are over.




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  1. Those bear ears look so cute on you!
    I for one like to look at people's haul's posts too!
    Ahh asiany food is the best! Yumm

  2. what the heck? i dont see how spiderman is even remotely close to twilight. CRAY

    it's an amazing movie :) best spiderman yet!

    wish i still had my annual pass so that i could go with ya :(

  3. You always have great hauls xD And yummy food that make me crave them *A*

    I absolutely adore your bear ears >w< gah! You always look so super cute in your pics!!!

  4. The bear ears look adorable on you! I've been wanting to try that out too kekekek and you're so lucky you live cloes to a Disney land! I'd go every week hahaha

    All the AP stuff you got is really adorable and the mini Duffy keychain is cute too, sometimes I wonder if I should have gotten one myself =)

    P.s My self esteem post is up now but I'll probably feel rambely again and put another one up sometime haha

  5. Hi Rurouniinugirl! <-- Did I spell that right? Hahahaha Thank you soooooo much for your sweet words on my self esteem blog! Haha yes I don't have much friends =P But I'm perfectly fine with being my myself but if a friend ever invites me out I rarely turn them down!

    I think I started to realize I didn't need too many friends after I graduated from high school and went to uni, most of my "friends" floated away but I never felt sad about it or even really gave it much thought. I used to be so desperate for friends in high school but now I couldn't even give two hoots about my amount of friends. I think it also came with meeting my now bf because he's a really independent person too lol it rubbed off a bit =P

    Hope you're doing well!

    P.s I'm still jelly you live so close to a disney park!