Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food Post~ [Boring Post is Boring.]

Sorry for the lack of proper updates! The job is just... very time consuming, and I'm very tired when I get home! ]: I am going to make it up to everyone with a review post of 5 gorgeous products soon!!! >__

I always wonder who writes these things at Mitsuwa... At the worst, they are good for a mild chuckle. XD

The Zaru Soba at Sanukiseimen Mugimaru~

It's very delicious! Takuya san (the store manager), also suggested I add a little big of ginger to the sauce, and mix it in well... and it really brings out an amazing aroma in the sauce. The taste is impeccable with the noodles!!! This is probably my 3rd favorite meal to eat at the store. The top 3 are very close contenders. I'm hungry thinking about this/writing about this. XD

What I had for lunch earlier today. It was a hamburger steak bento box. It was very good. It came with some miso soup on the side too! :D The neopolitan(?) spaghetti was also really yummy!

Kevin and I had our 6 month anniversary a few weeks ago. (: We went to Maggiano's for dinner!
We had the tiramisu. It was delicious, and very moist. :3

Thanks for looking~~~

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  1. Those descriptions on the food packages are funny. It seems to be popular to take phrases no matter how garbled they might be and translate them into English which makes them sound more garbled than before. I have a pencil that says 'Hello! Its beautiful day! What's your favorite season?' on it and the background is simply white clouds.

    Regarding the Gokaiger civilian costume, I just happened to look though my closet and realized that I own a lot of things that resemble or could pass to look like Ahim's outfit. Some of the items are things I haven't worn in a while. I wish I could buy the Bandai jackets but with the yen being stronger than the dollar, I'm just forced to say forget it. :( Plus I think they're all sold out right now but they might be opening up pre-sales for a third wave of them soon which is what I think one sales clerk blogged fairly recently. I'd almost buy Ahim's jewelry since it is quality silver and gemstones rather than just plastic and painted metals.

    Really? You'd bring your whole wardrobe just for me to try on?! Awww Christine you're so sweet! I'm considering attending at least 1 day of PMX but I'd probably need to get a ride to the Hilton. I know that Saturday is out of the question for me at this point because I have a pep band performance at a home football game. I might be looking at Sunday since I have a class at noon on Friday unless I wanted to just go right after my class.