Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some buys, recent and not.

Today, I bought some Dolly Wink lashes!!! I'm excited because I love them! But I usually only get number 4! I didn't like 2, and I just got 5... but they didn't look that great with 4, so I thought maybe I'll try it with fuller lashes! :3

Kevin also got me the winter LP scarf and glove set from Baby!I have been looking for this forever!! I really wanted it so badly~~~ I'm so glad I got it!! Thank you Kevin! I love you, sweetie! <3

I also got a couple of cute accessories form Cecil and Mcbee! It's just a simple hairband thingies and  a pair of really adorable earrings!

I went to Victoria's Secret today... xD And they gave me this primer sample!

It's actually really nice! (: It's really light weight, and I don't feel it at all, but then again, I only wore it for a few hours today... xD


  1. I love Dolly Wink number 4 lashes though I think number 1's will always be my favourite. :D How did you find number 5s? I can't decide if I should invest in a pair.

  2. Nice haul! ^^ OMGosh, Dolly wink lashes are the best!!! I love number one and two.

  3. dolly wink lashes and primer would make my day too!!

  4. reply to your question:
    I'm waiting for a sample that the general public doesn't hate before devoting hundreds. I'm finishing a black alice salopette today and I'm pretty proud of it, hopefully it will go over well.

  5. I'm loving the accessories, very cute ^^ <3 I was thinking about buying number 5 lashes, hope you review~

  6. I really want to try Dolly Wink someday, but I don't wear lashes, so I'm really awful at applying them... I really hope you'll do a review of them! I'd love to know how easy they are to apply and are they lightweight? The adorable packaging would be enough to sell me if I knew how to wear lashes correctly, the steep price tag aside! ^^;;

    The earrings are gorgeous! If only I had pierced ears haha~

  7. Haha now I'm even more tempted to try out Dolly Wink lashes! I've tried some from Daiso and Etude House, and I think I liked Daiso better so far, but maybe because I tried a few different ones, and only one from EH. I guess it just takes practice to apply them easily? ^^

    Ohh Eki! I love Eki's blog!! I'm always checking back to see if she updated xD I've checked out her reviews a lot too, but I definitely like to get multiple reviews :D

    Now that I think about it, I just got Tsubasa's new lenses in today, so why not try pairing them with her falsies? haha!

  8. Yes!! I just got them in today! :D I haven't tried them yet, but I'm excited and nervous at the same time lol. I'm going to review them next post I do :D Oh, I bought mine from btw, only $17 shipped!! And they're based in the US, so I got them in like 3 days :OO At first I was worried about the authenticity because it doesn't have the GEO sticker, but I guess they're repackaged so they're authentic XD Check out their site :))

  9. I go to the Mitsuwa in San Jose :) I was heartbroken last time I went because they stopped selling Sexy Girl products *sob* Aww you're a sweetheart! <3 I haven't been to Mitsuwa in a while, so I'm not sure if they actually stopped selling *pa too, her friend says she didn't see it, but maybe she missed it haha. If they don't have it though, I'll let you know XD Maybe we can do a swap or something? I have The Face Shop right near me :D

    The Good-Bye Dark Circle cream was definitely the item I was looking forward to most! I'll definitely try my best to update with pictures and reviews of that ^^ I have TONS of stuff I need to review, but just not enough time to sit down and take proper pictures ><

    Heehee I was thinking of posting pics of the lenses, but I like to make you guys anxious >:D lol jk It'll be worth it though [i hope] <3

  10. is it really the best face primer @_@?!