Monday, February 14, 2011

Early Valentines Day~


Kevin surprised me today with a few gifts!

He knows I love stars (well, most people know), but this was sooo thoughtful!! I really love it, it's so pretty! The lighting was not good in my room, but the star is gold, and the moon is silver. So pretty! I'm going to wear it with my Puppet Circus on Sunday!

He remembered me complaining about my disorganized jewelry and lolita goods, so he got me a jewelry box! It's so pretty!!! I can't wait to move soon so I can put it in a beautiful place where I can admire it all day. ^^

Kevin and I! <3 I really am so happy with him, he's so good to me. ^//w//^
Make for today. :3
Wish I had an outfit shot for the day. I actually kinda liked my outfit! :3
Top/skirt/bag: Burberry.
Tights, and headband: F21
Shoes: Forgot. xD

Thanks for looking! <3

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