Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What I just got, and some thoughts.

Recent Purchases:

To match my Puppet Circus, and I think it may work in some gothic coords. Although when I do get into gothic, I would really like to get the MmM platforms. I think Mana makes really pretty mary jane platforms. :3

I finally got Dreaming Macaron in mint, with the headbow. (: I put a deposit down on the mint Melty Chocolate too! Now I need matching shoes. I'm hoping AP's new line of Mint tea parties will be a little lighter. :D I think I should get them in Ichigo Pink and brown too! :X I love tea party shoes. >w< Hrm..!

Still... not a lot of interesting/good ideas for my Puppet Circus coord atm. :/ I really want to buy some normal girly clothes too. ^^; I feel sorry for my boyfriend, I think I look frumpy most days. D:

On another note, my dieting has been VERY bad lately.

It is time to finally do something because I'm sick and tired of myself.
I'm tired of hating myself, and of the way I have been this past year and a half...


  1. nice dress)

    doesn't ur BF like lolita fashion?

    aw,u shouldn't hate urself because u're pretty ^^

  2. I've been meaning to buy a pair of those Bordello shoes for some time now. They are amazing.

    Also, I am super, super jealous of your mint DM JSK! I want that in my life so bad.

  3. Oh my gosh, when I saw the shoes with your coord....I fell in love with you XD