Monday, February 21, 2011

Tea Party. :3

If you're interested, Kevin's mom, Stephanie, who did my hair has a facebook page!
Click here!
I just would like to share since there was some interest in my hair. (:


Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? I had a wonderful time at a tea party that my dear friend, Caitlin, hosted. She always hosts the best meets, and she's always too thoughtful, and too sweet. (:

Here was my outfit:

OP, one of the bracelets: Angelic Pretty.
Tights: Alice and the Pirates
Head band, pear bracelets, necklace: Offbrand. I have no idea. XD
Star bracelet: Tiffany & Co.
Hair thinge: Some extra wrapping supplies, lol.
Shoes: Bordello. :3
Bag: Baby.

Click for More Pictures~

Some extra pictures:

Taken by Ashley Parish! Her DeviantArt
She is such an amazing photographer. o_o Seriously!

Taken by my friend Chelsea! Her Blog!
You can see my hair accessory a little better here! Kevin's mom cut my hair, and did it!
I think she did an amazing job!! I'm so excited!


Also taken by Chelsea! Look, he matches me. :3 He's so sweet, I'm so happy he let me force a coordination on him! <3 Also taken by Chelsea!

Next blog post:
I'll take pictures of all the stuff I bought recently. Although sadly, my new Melty Chocolate jsk is lost in the mail! ;3; It has tracking, and the person I'm buying it off of is working really hard to find it. :D

New hair cut btw:

I'm going to get some blonde on my bangs and get a blonde extension piece. o_o!!! Which will be a big change, if any of you know, I never dye my hair or anything! Maybe to your surprise or not, that is my natural hair color!


  1. Thank you Chelsea!! You're really too kind to me. orz

  2. I was at the tea party too and didn't realized that I followed your blog XP
    I wish I had gotten a chance to tell you that you looked really cute!

  3. i like ur outfit ;)
    and i like ur hair

  4. Btw, I how your bf mom fixed your hair! It so beautful! <3 <3
    I would want her to do my hair >.<

  5. You look lovely in your puppet circus. *o* Awww, you and your bf are so cute together. ^__^ His mom is a great stylist.