Wednesday, February 2, 2011


So... last night my boyfriend and I decided to weigh ourselves; it had been months since either of us have done so.

I turned out to be 109.4.... less than I expected, so not bad!
He also turned out to be 109.6........ orz

Then we weighed ourselves in the morning, like we're supposed to... >_>;
I turned out to be like 108.4, and he was 107.2? ||||orz
GAHHHHH, and then I also remembered why I hate scales; I am glad I don't have one, or else I'd compulsively weigh myself 29313x a day, and it may or may not trigger me not eating. :/ Even though I can eat normally now, sometimes I get awful urges to not eat, and fall back into my self destructive habits (although in turn, I also tend to be higher in conscientiousness).

I'm 5'5, he's 5'7. XD I have a complex about my weight, he makes it worse, haha. Eventually I'll update with some pictures of us together!

What should I make him for Valentines day?

I wish I got a picture of us together yesterday, we are always weirdly complementing each other... o_O We both wore dark blue, and he wore blue x black, I wore blue x white! D: Was not even planned.


He's a cutie pie. :3

I feel like lolita also makes me look like I weigh more. Maybe I am just self conscious.

Taken from Frances Trinh.
Compared to:

Hrmmm. D: Although depending on the angle and set, it's not too bad.

Photo taken by Kammie

Also, bonus:
Megane pix from 2008!

My hair sure was short back then! I am thinking about cutting it again, lol, especially since my bf's mom is an amazing, and professional hair stylist!! But I'd be kinda sad, but that's what wigs are for, amirite?! :3 I am going to do a GO with Sara later this month for cyperous wigs, I think. I'm excited! The only other wig I owned did not suit me as well as I had hoped.
Pic related:

Taken from James Phan.
I already knew that though, but it was more for the print than myself really, then I sold it, sadly, even though I went through a lot of trouble.

I think being vegetarian now, also forces me to eat a little bit healthier! I just need to work on getting a little more protein into my diet. (:


  1. You're so gorgeous (and you look super skinny in everything, silly!) :D Your Kevin is super cute too haha. I also have a complex about my weight...sometimes I feel like I'm worse than I used to be, but then I remember that I'm just noticing my self-destructive thoughts more now as opposed to normalizing them like before. >_>

    Speaking of scales, I really really freaking hate mine. So it'll give one reading and then five minutes later it'll say like....five pounds higher. All of the anxiety, all the time! XD

    Let me know when you guys are placing the Cyperous order - I have a huge thing for black bobs lately and I'd really like a high-quality one that I can wear often if they have one in stock (I have the Bodyline one and it's okay, about the same quality as Gothic Lolita Wigs). ^^

  2. OMG this page is terrifying: