Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This needs to be a sticky.

These are scientifically proven facts to make you happier! If you're interested, go ahead and pick up the book.

Title: 10 Steps Towards a More Satisfying Existence

Sonja Lyubomirsky

It's probably in the "Self-Help" section, but know that all of these are backed up with hard research, facts, data, and I am pretty sure Sonia cites them all in her book!

1) Count your blessings (express gratitude).

2) Cultivate optimism (think happy thoughts).

3) Avoid over-thinking and social comparison.

4) Practice acts of kindness.

5) Nurture social relationships.

6) Develop strategies for coping with stress (be hardy).

7) Learn to forgive.

8) Increase Flow experiences (including goal pursuit).

9) Savor life’s joys (stop and smell the roses).

10) Take care of yourself (exercise, meditation, and acting happy).

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  1. 3) Avoid over-thinking and social comparison.

    That's what I've been possessed by! @o@