Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A good idea!

Gotta find more star things for my Puppet Circus coord~


I don't work out that much, but I need to make myself do so atleast on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. :D
I also found a really neat "do these things everyday" kinda thing. So I'll do that... Also what Kevin does while he watches anime and stuff is life weights. I should probably invest in small weights too, to tone my arms. DX

Not too much to update, except that I have been eating like crazy lately, which is kinda bad, especially since my life style has not been good lately... and I really need to get caught up in school. >_<;; I think maybe I'll try to add DDR in too, since it can be a workout, you know? :D Although I feel like I need to do more things to work out my arms and core, not my legs! I should maybe try to get some gymnastics in too, since I'm sure by now, I am very rusty... but it is hard to practice without a trained/strong partner who knows that they are doing. :C Bonus: Another cosplay I want to do. Sakana Chan from Star Driver. :3

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