Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Poor Melty has been lost in the mail for quite some time... hopefully the person I bought it from will get it sorted out soon. ;3;

My new love is Lisa Liz~~ I'm not going gyaru or anything, don't mistaken me! But I love those pieces from the Spring and Summer collection, and I want it! *w* They are cute for everyday, don't you think?! :3

I love the dress Kumicky is wearing! Sadly it doesn't fit me. T_T The max bust is like 70cm! D: Plus, it's way too short anyways, lol. But darn, it looks so amazing on her! I'm afraid to buy Japanese clothes if I can't try them on because sometimes they aren't proportional looking on me. |||orz But dang, they are so cute~


  1. Ooh, that's a really cute dress! I hope it safely arrives at your doorstep soon! And man, I love Liz Lisa with a passion~!! ♥

  2. aww it seems like you've been having a lot of mail/buying troubles! I hope they find the dress soon!

  3. i love liz liza, my sister just got some stuff, but she's like 5'8 and a 6, so they were like long shirts on her. haha. oh well, cute shirts.