Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hanging out with my wonderful friends!

My friend June! Can you believe we have been friends since second grade?! That's 13 years now! JEEZE~~~ I love her though! We also went to paly with puppies. *w*

Kevin and I met up with all of my friends, new and old, at Round One! Kevin won me this cute Keroppi~~~ So cute, right!? Next time we are going to take Shane. :3 Since he wants to play Super Street Fighter IV there.
Apparently a lot of competitive players come there, and since Shane also plays at a tournament level, he wants to check it out too! :D

Kevin and I.
[Stolen from Sara!]

[Also Stolen from Sara!]
DUDE, I can't believe she won one, and I was there to witness it! Lizzie was there too, and we ended up screaming really loudly... XD It scared Kevin D. (Lizzie's Kevin.)

Sara [click for her blog!]
I love her so much. ;3; She is seriously amazingly gorgeous! I hope she stays my waifu forever!! We're gonna move to Utah so we can be married to multiple people, since we also have many waifus... but she's my #1 waifu!!

Look at how big her eyes are! XD THEY SEE THROUGH YOUR SOUL!
I need to scan the rest of my purikira~~ Although the CUBE booth totally made Kevin look like a girl, rofls.

Went to eat on the 14th with Kevin at this awful sushi place. D:

The food looked nice, but it was not that great, especially for the price. |: I forgot what it was called, but it's in the plaza on Culver and Walnut.

Monday I hung out with Chloe Doan~ Maybe you know her as The-Sushi-Monster on DeviantArt?!
Oh man, she's so pretty in pictures and in real life! Don't you LOVE her outfit?!!?? I am so in love with the belt, it's amazingly adorable, the design I mean! Also, she loves the hat, it looks great on her, right? XD

What I wore yesterday. :3 It was wayyyyyy too short. ^^;;;;

Advertising products with Kathleen, in bad lighting. XD We kinda did twinning! See the black x pink coord? Gah, I cam home so unprepared so my coord really was boring. D:

The delicious crepe I ate. *w*

More with Kathleen~~
I wish I took a picture of her and Christian, they are super adorable together! I also took a picture of Nick, but I don't think he'd want to be on my blog, lol.


  1. I wish I should of gone to round 1. It look a l lot of fun. You and kathleen look so adorable. >_<

  2. you guys look sooooooooo cute in your salapettes!! love!!!