Monday, March 21, 2011

Just some more pictures of friends!

My favorite purikiras with Kevin H. (my lover face), Kevin D. (Lizzie's boyfriend), Lizzie and I! xD

Kevin and I!
What do you think of what you can see from my outfit? :P

On Friday, Lizzie and I went to the mall! I wish we had a picture of us together, her outfit was SO cute!!! I love all her Milk clothing!!! Gahhh, she always looks so girly, sweet, and adorable. (: But the Lego Gallery was open, which explains why there were 2 Lego Yodas a the mall last week! XD

Anyways, Lizzie slept over at my house and we gossiped the whole night until almost 4 A.M.!! xD

Kevin and Lizzie~
Kevin H. and Kevin D. joined Lizzie and I on Saturday for some Sushi at Sushilicious! It is a revolving sushi bar (yes, like that Lickitung game) and was tasty~~

Kevin and I~ I did my bangs!!! O_O Can you tell? xD
Also, thank you Lizzie for the CUTE CAKE SHOES!! I love her so much! She's always giving me stuff, but won't take anything... ==!!!!!

Lizzie and I wore salopettes~ Mine was black with a lavender blouse, and her's was a lavender salopette with a black blouse! XD

Also, Kevin and I have started working out together~~