Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last Birthday Post, I Hope! XD Also, Bambi Lenses Review~

My outfit for the day!
I know... I should really work on my posing... but surprisingly, I'm really shy. X_x;;;;
I got my bangs trimmed, and I didn't realize how short I asked Kevin's mom, Stephanie of Stephanie's Salon to trim it. She also did some highlights under my hair too! The blonde looks really nice with my brown hair, I think... but it's not as noticeable! It's really subtle and pretty, imo~
Outfit was mostly bought at Shibuya Closet~

Then my Waifu, Sara invited me to Paris in a Cup yesterday! It was her only day off, so I am glad she invited me! :3 I missed her so.... >_<

Amber and Tani happened to attend as well!! It was nice to see them again, they are really nice girls, and Tani has really amazing makeup! She has really great insight. ^^

As usual, the service was amazing, and the food was just... simply gorgeous!

Kevin came too!

What I got, and what Kevin got~

After lunch, Amber and Tani had to leave but that's okay! Sara and I went to South Coast Plaza. We stopped in Sephora, and I HAD to get the Banana Cream Hello Kitty nail polish! It's REALLY amazingly pigmented, you really only need one coat!! O_O
I got some make up remover too. Since my birthday was on Tuesday, I also got a free gift from Sephora. Some birthday cake shower gel. (: Can't wait to try it~

Then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings... EVERYONE got there late, including Sara and I (except for Kevin). XD

Kevin and Sara~

Lizzie's Kevin, and Lizzie!!!

Stiffany and Devin came too... but I forgot to get their pictures because we were too busy trying beat each other at the trivia games!!!

What's a birthday celebration without drinks?!

Strawberry Daquiri~ Lizzie, Sara, and I each got one... well, Sara got two. XD

Afterwards we went to The Balcony for snow ice, and took purikira at StickiPicki! :3

Hehe, totally kira kira! C:


My new phone case, from Kevin!! ^^

All these bows... what could they lead to?

BLACK SUGARY CARNIVAL SOCKS!!! <3 Lizzie and I now have matching socks!!! Yay! XDD
HAND MADE STAR STUFF FROM STIFFANY!! CHECK OUT HER SHOP!!! She even wrapped it in Star tissue paper!! OMG, she is so sweet!! >w<
The star key chain glows in the dark!!!

Me wearing it, soon after I got it~

Liz Lisa shorts and a dress from my sweetie, Kevin!! Also, a really amazing belt by Dazzlin' Moi, from Kevin's mom!! She's so sweet!! *w*

YAY! THE OTHER DOLLY WINK EYE SHADOW CREAM! This was from Kevin's sister, Tiffany!!! ;A; I am so happy!! I feel like... I practically own everything Dolly Wink and Candy Doll... but sadly, I don't! XD

A dress from Spiral Girl, it is soo cute! I don't know how to coord it yet! ;A;


 I bought the Princess Mimi Apple Green Lenses from Pinky Paradise!
Their service is amazing.

Timely Order Processing: 5/5
Shipping: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5
My packaged was safely wrapped and arrived REALLY quickly. I put the order in late night on April 29th, and got my order on May 5th!! 6 days!! This was also sent via Fedex, and sent via economic express! :3

Color: 4/5
Comfort: 5/5
Enlargement: 5/5

I thought the color would be a little bit more vibrant in person, but it's not as vibrant as it is in Tsubasa's ad. XD I guess I shouldn't be surprised, you know? Lol.
It's comfortable though, I wore it for 13 hours, (I know... I shouldn't wear lenses for so long, especially if I don't know if the base curve is the same...) They didn't dry my eyes out that much, I only had to put drops in once, and I was good. (: They are really pretty! Although I think they make me look like a total foreigner! I'll see if I have some good pics of them worn later because I don't at the moment. T_T

Thanks for your time~


  1. I have that same phone case for my Droid! It's so cute and sparkly. I discovered something fun about phone cases--if your smartphone doesn't have a place for charms, you can drill a small hole in the case and hang your charms there! My dad did that for mine with a dental drill, haha. Looks like you had an awesome birthday! <3

  2. What a way to celebrate your 21 bday!!! *huggles* I heart you forever!!! Wish we weren't 40 miles apart ;~;

  3. Happy Birthday. OMG! you look cute with or without circle lenses. luv it!

  4. :O I used to have that phone case in pink. I love sparkly stars. I hope to see you soon, I miss your pretty face!

  5. Happy Birthday again! <3 You guys look adorable! :DD Omgosh, you are one lucky birthday girl. ^^

    The lens look good on you too! *__* I wish I can wear those. lolz

  6. Happy birthday love!
    I'm sad I couldn't join you, I'm broke as hell XD
    You look so lovely~

  7. you look soo adorable in your shorts!! cute!! Happy birthday!