Sunday, May 8, 2011

Partial Birthday Haul~ [PIC HEAVY]

Hey everyone!

My birthday is on May 10th!!! Can you believe it?
I am turning 21!
Also, after 7 long years, I got my braces off on the 6th!! >//w//<

Sorry for not updating for a while... >n<;;; I have been so busy lately! Last weekend I went to go  see Wong Fu Production's panel at the Pacific Film Festival! Youtube stars such as Freddie Wong, KevJumba, and MysteryGuitarMan were also there too!

Anyways, on to the stuff~
(All of the pictures were taken by my boyfriend, Kevin, and also edited by him! XD)

My haul from! :3

Free gifts~ Animal cases, a hair holder thingie, and a collegen eye mask!

My green and grey Bambi lenses! I haven't even tried them on yet! >w<
Candy Doll haul! ^^

The Pink Macaron lip gloss was a lot darker than I thought it would be in real life... so I may or may not need the lip concealer!

The one on the right, I got from my last PinkyParadise order... I never used them until now. It didn't really help with the wrinkles under my eyes, but it did help with the colors of the dark circles. I even wore them pretty much all night! I got two last time, so I am using the second pack today (at this moment), maybe it is a few days process? So I'll let you know if there are improvements!
Effect: 3/5

Face brushes, just cheap ones from Target though! I bought them for myself. XD A really awesome $1 Keroppi compact brush and mirror from Target, a foot care item (bought by my wonderful boyfriend), and a face mask (also from Kevin)! XD

I bought a bronzer/blush at the Philosophy booth at Nordstroms~ I also bought my mom the limited edition Summer Grace perfume (it smells so nice, I want it too~~) and because the purchase was over $50, I got a free gift!
My wonderful sister Judy, got me the Dolly Wink mascara for my birthday!!

I know it's selfish... but I also want the Rainbow Crystal Dolly Wink eyeshadow cream!! >w<

My Tsubasa drawer at home... XD;;

MORE TO COME, more items and reviews soon!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! <333333 Congrats on turning 21 :D I'm turning 22 in July, but I feel so old hahaha. Even though I have a thing for 22... I thought my bf was immediately hotter when he turned 22 LOL. Weird, aren't I? And CONGRATS on getting your braces off!! I didn't even know you wore braces, I bet your smile is beauty-ful! :)))

    Waaaaaaaaaaah!! Great haul!! >w< Gah, you keep tempting me with all the Dolly Wink....! OMG reminds me.... I SOOOO badly want the cardboard cutout of Tsubasa I saw at Mitsuwa!! Maybe I should get a job there just so I can call dibs on it LOL! Next time I got I'll take pictures >w<

    YAY! I'm SO happy you got the Apple Greens! <3 Post pics, quick! I still can't decide between the Sesame Grey or Chocolate... gahh, decisions. Then again, we just got a car, so I shouldn't be spending so much on makeup for a long time ;__; Is that the Candy Doll highlighter too? Please tell me how it is! I need a good highlighter... my Smashbox one melts off my face, Elizabeth Arden has too many GOLD sparkles... see my dilemma? XD

  2. You are so young!!! lolz. ^^

    Nice haul! :3

  3. Happy Birthday~

    Oh the Candy Doll lipgloss you got has built in lip concealer. The lip concealer works with the first generation lip gloss.

  4. I'm so glad you got the Candy Doll items :)