Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ridiculous Amount of Pictures... and Lacome's Berry Bold Review!

Hi there! It's been a while~ How is everyone? (: I've been so busy with school since, and I work 5 days a week... so I have no time off...

My birthday was May 10th, so I am 22 now... |||orz I'll have to make a small birthday post later! (:

Anyways... when you guys are trying your best to look nice, how much makeup do you wear? This is usually what I use when I have time and try to look my best!

Normal days are usually just circle lenses, and mascara. Sometimes I'll put on blush or a little eyeliner under my top waterline.

Also.... preview of what is to come... it's gonna be a massive post, lol. (:

~Christine's Features~

I was featured on Sayoko's blog Aristocratic Rose a while ago... I just found the post through my LJ messages a while ago... you can look here if you'd like! (:

A while ago, I was also in an interview about lolita fashion for a Chinese news channel at PMX. :3

LANCÔME's Berry Bold Juicy Tube Lipgloss

So I have to say that I absolutely adore this lipgloss! It is easily one of my favorites!

Color: 5/5 
So ridiculously vibrant and pretty! You only need one layer to see a tremendous impact!

Glossy Effect: 5/5
You seriously cannot ask for more! I had a few guys mention how red and shiny my lips were lol. (:

Staying Power: 3/5 
Like most glosses... you're gonna have to reapply pretty often if you eat and do normal stuff...

Fragrance: 5/5
Smells so pretty!! People ask me what perfume I'm wearing, ahha. Kinda strong, so those who are sensitive... you may want to try a sample first! I really have always liked Lancome's glosses though. (:

Smoothness: 5/5
Goes on smoothly and doesn't really become sticky unless your lips get really dry...This neither really hydrates nor dehydrates you lips. I feel like it's really just on top of your lips... so if you have moisturized lips and put on chapstick before... it's great!




Pretty amazing, and gorgeous effect... right?! :D For $18... it's pretty worth it!! I love love love it!

Tsubasa Changed her Hair Color~~

From her official blog:



What do you think? I always liked her with light hair better!!! She's gorgeous either way though! 

Tama chan and I went to Gaja in Torrance~
It's known for being an okonomiyaki place. :3 Here's Tama chan expertly flipping over his okonomiyaki~


See how neat mine is (left) compared to Tama chan's (right)... XD It was soooooooo yummy and fun!!! It was my first time having okonomiyaki~ I was pretty excited. (: But I was sooo impatient because it smelled so yummy! I can't wait to come back to try the monjayaki though! (´・ω・`)

I didn't finish all of mine so I gave it to Tama chan... and joked that it didn't have enough mayo for his liking... so he put on a ton more and ate it... ^^;;;


I don't know why the picture turned out pink... but okay, lol... this wasn't a good parfait. The cream puffs and eclairs were still frozen on the inside and tasted like freezer burn...

I also went to Vien Dong on Brookhurst with a few friends from school and later went back with Tama chan and Cynthia~

There aren't many places with bun rieu and this place had some pretty good stuff!! Their bun bo hue was also good too... but obviously I prefer my mom's~ It does comfort me when I'm home sick though. ^^ Would definitely recommend this place to my friends!

 Then we went to Tebo Tebo Tea Lounge after... both times! C: I really like this place too! It's always really packed though and is pretty family friendly! Their drinks are great too! :D

Moonlight mango~

Yuuta kun acting like an aho. ;p

The Jazzcat brick toast! I like their toppings a lot!! It's really fun, creative, well-decorated, and yummy... but the toast is a little dry... but overall, I would get it again. (:

Jolly Ranger~ Love it!!

My favorite drink has to be the Sticky Mess though... since it's an avocado shake with condensed milk!! Very popular amongst Vietnamese and Filipinos I think! (: They were pretty popular when I worked at Goldilocks anyways.

Tokyo Table's brick toast!! Super soft, flavorful... and delicious!! I love the taste of honey!! Their toast is just the perfect texture~ I went with Lizzie and forgot to take a picture of the rest of our food... fail. DX

Present from Tama chan~ Crunky, Strawberry version~Different texture from the "Crunch" bar in the U.S. because it's pretty soft and malleable!

 Tiffy from HimeStyle made some cookies for me and Kelly~
She's an amazing baker!! ^^ She mixed white, milk, and dark chocolate chips to give it a very unique taste that was so out of this world~

Presents from Chris~

I lost my Chocomint gold star at ALA... ): So Chris got me another star to replace it! It's so cute!! ^^ I wish I knew who made it so I could give her credit! It's adorable and has a lot of details. :3

Chris also got me a Chess Chocolate bag!!! It's the one I wanted!! (:

What could this be? :O


 The Chess Chocolate Bracelet that I wanted! :O

(: Also shoes. The very last thing to complete my Chess Chocolate outfit for the meet this weekend!! <3 I can't wait! (:

Lol, Chris just really wants me to wear lolita badly~~~ Ahhhh, can't wait for the meet this weekend! <3

My co-workers went to Japan so they brought us back stuff! (:

Yuki san didn't have time to do much since he had a lot of things to do in Japan so he told his son to go buy Kelly (from Himestyle, I think we all know that I work with her at Misasa now lol) and me stuff from Disney, lol.

(: Cute watch with Minnie on it!! <3

Kelly and I both got an adorable Minnie coin purse too! :3

Look! It has a tail! ;3; So cute!

From Manny~

Candy Doll lipglosses!!! I got the new Juicy Cherry, and Milky Orange! I haven't tried the Juicy Cherry yet... but definitely some stuff to review. (: It'll be summer soon, so I am hoping to be able to do a lot of reviews! ^^

A cute Liz Lisa notepad!!! I don't want to open and use it!! Too cute!!

What's inside?


Pretty Liz Lisa hair pins!!! ^^ Uwaaaa, I was so happy to get this! (: I love hair clips, but I'm terrified of losing them lol.

Other things I got or Bought~

Bags from my lover, Jelly Bean~ Or Kelly, lol.

Cetaphil facial cleanser... :/
I heard great things about it from a lot of people, but it really dries out my face, so I only use it once a day now... :/ I may just stop using it all together since my acne has acted up a ton since I have been using it.

I was using the Tsubaki Damage Care shampoo and conditioner preemptively since I planned on dying my hair soon! Even though my hair has been pretty healthy and soft... it got even SOFTER! And it smells amazing! I love this! (:

I have really horrible blackheads so I decided to try the Pore Peeling Tsururi... D: I have tried it 3 times now, and it doesn't really do anything for me at all except for maybe temporarily lightening my nose for a few hours (lolwat?)...

Since using Cetaphil, my face has become really dry and flakey so I've been trying out face masks. (:

From Chu san~ :3 It's a pen with a lot of colors!! It's so cute!! (:

And my momma knows how much I love Dolly Wink and fake lashes so she bought me the new #10 Sweet Cat to try!... (she also bought it for me again later, lol, so I have 2, but I really want to try #9 Natural Dolly!)

From the boyfriend! (: He knows I snack a lot, lol. Probably why I gained 15 lbs. ;___;

SUPER cute Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma charms! They light up... so cute, huh? ^^ Yuuta says when Rilakkuma lights it, it looks like he's a god or, in kenja mode (wiseman mode), lol....

Daiso opened up in Irvine right by Irvine Mitsuwa so I have been going there a lot since most things are only $1.50 and super cute! :3
A cute bento, a mirror, and pocky from Daiso from Yuuta kun! <3

I should hurry and get back to making bentos. ^^

I also bought a lash case from Daiso since my little Dolly Wink one doesn't keep it organized. It's a lot more light pink in person, but it looks lavender from the bad lighting in my place. XD I will take a picture of the inside because it's really nice! :3

And... wow... that was so long and wordy!!! Thanks for sticking with me and looking! ^^ See you guys again soon~~~!!! Hopefully in full throttle because summer is coming soon! 


  1. OMG You eat all these yummy looking amazing things! D8 I waaaant! >.<

    Ahh and I just got those Dolly Wink lashes too! xD Love em! :D

    And as for make-up, when I go all out, it's usually just this one Urban Decay eye shadow palette I use, eyeliner, lashes, and blush :3 minimal will be eyeliner and mascara ^^

  2. Sounds like it was a great birthday Christine!

    I used to use Cetaphil too but stopped because it wasn't getting my face clean enough and dried my skin out too. I'd suggest CeraVe which is unscented like Cetaphil but is more effective at cleaning skin and leaves it soft without feeling very dry.

  3. Love design, amazing blog :) If you want to follow each other...just tell me:X

  4. I read the entire post!! *praise?* Hahahaha I also use the same Tsubaki conditioner! I've been using it for at least a year now since I dye my hair regularly and I love it too and yes! It smells sooo nice! I actually like Tsubasa with dark hair more hahaha I feel she looks more mature =P

    Oh and this reminds me of the time when a gyaru model had bangs in her photo shot so all her fans went and got bangs too but later on it turned out to only be a clip on! Omg I feel so bad for the girls that really cut their hair.

    I wish there was a okonomiyaki restaurant like that here too! We can only order it at restaurants but not make it ourselves. Eep now I was a tube of the berry gloss too!

  5. wow the berry lip gloss looks great ^_^!